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The Return of RUMPELSTILTSKIN (C)2010

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It's not that he even went away. People just grew up and left him there. In the pages of a book. Many books (as a matter of fact) where pages would be turned if somebody opened that book and sat down for a few moments. Allowing this to happen always depends on the competition and if there was enough time to find out what Rumpel(short for Rumpelstiltskin) - altho it could be shortened to

or RUM

was up to.

If you're a fairy tale, you might not be believed. Mothers (new ones at that) were more prone to read their babies and tots about "people" like RUMPELSTILTSKIN as they were believable to a degress and then NOT.

Not was never a nice place to be. RUMPEL often felt that because of his dwarf size and the fact that he lived alone out in the woods of a German Forest -- far away from industrialization and the nearest iPod, that he would be an outcast. And he certainly did as high technology soared after both World Wars - the wars to end all wars ceased...for a spell...in the Mid 1900s.

Beginning with a classic fairy tale (which is nothing but a heap of lies in nature) that can not be proven - and could never be proven through DNA is not really that hard to do. Every fairy tale starts off like a media story.

Who is in it
What is the character like
When did this story take place
Where did the main character get his ideas to do whatever he plans on
Why do you think the story turned out like it did...

And when a RETURN OF is permitted, you know (as an audience of readers or movie goers) that...when all is said; written and done...that a new and improved Version of...in this case...


will be released. Disclaimers aside, it's just fun to say:


no matter what age you are and what age you reside in.

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