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ASK on The Treacherous Food Weekends of 2010

Chicago, IL USA:

As the V8 Facebook Team had said earlier: Keeping your health goals during the holiday season can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be!

The following is a Study I did this AM that made me think of the Times when we eat just to be ‘part of the party.’ Of course, there are so many delicious goodies to eat this time of year, it is hard to resist, but the following may keep you out of the egg-nog and reaching for a V8 instead.

The Treacherous Food Weekends: 20 Precarious Days, where you can gain 20 pounds without the blink of an eye; just a few extra swallows.

Weekend #1: November 25-28, 2010 – Thanksgiving/Turkey Galore with the Fixings’ Weekend
Weekend #2: December 3-5, 2010 – 3 Days
Weekend #3: December 10-12 – 3 Days
Weekend #4: December 17-19 – 3 Days
Weekend #5: December 24-26 – 3 Days
Weekend #6: December 30 – January 2, 2011 – 4 Days

I thought of this forecast earlier today, Sunday December 5TH as I was preparing to go to a Party. It made me think of the 6 Weeks of Stress and additional Poundage that Americans put themselves through. Of course, this Calendrical Deduction never deals with those who are starving; who are famished in third and/or fourth world nations where starvation is prevalent.

The math is rather easy to compute. There are 20 extended Weekends filled with Temptation, Calories and PO: Pigging Out. Parties become the main focus on all weekends in December starting with the official kick-off of Thanksgiving, falling on the last Thursday of November. This means there are 39 Days from November 25 to January 2, of which nearly ½ that time is Weekend Time (although much is spent shopping and if so, at least, a bit of exercise is being utilized). A time when we let our Inhibitions down and then after January 2ND we begin wondering why we were so complacent.

Then, again on Monday (in this particular case: January 3, 2011) conscientious Eating begins, revolving around Resolutions, of which most are kept for a few Weeks and then former Habits again rear their ugly head.

20 Precarious Days, where you can gain 20 pounds. That is a distinct possibility. All that needs to be done is to nibble here and nibble there. Grab a few hands of something that is sticky, gooey and calorie-filled and voila if you don’t work these added calories off, then, they are bound to be staying with you, until the pounds do add (on) up. We are only in Weekend #2 of 6, Folks. Don’t be swayed by a delicious dish. Think of your health and healthiness first. On January 2ND, you’ll be ahead of the game and happily so.

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Chicago, IL USA
Posted: Sunday, 12-5-2010 – 2:21 PM CST

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