Friday, May 10, 2013


DATELINE:  Friday, May 10, 2013 – 10:18 AM


I am in great need of your assistance.  My apartment (home) of 22.5 years has become a Condo Conversion and I am being forced to MOVE OUT by May 23, 2013.  I do not have the funding to move because of a series of Copyright Infringement Cases that happened to me during 2012.


Therefore, I am contacting you since I admire your work; you recognize and support talent and you are well-connected and may be able to hire me and/or put me into contact with an individual (or company) who can immediately HIRE ME* at this troubling time. 

Five (5) worthwhile and artistic pointers you should know about me follow:

1)      I am the Founder of Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991 that President Clinton endorsed 3 times and Mayor Daley & Governor Jim Edgar proclaimed as city/state declarations in the early 1990s;

2)      Fast Company Magazine featured one of my popular Holidates, National Splurge Day ©1995, on Page 30 of their ‘100 of the most Creative’ Issue in June, 2010;

3)      I am the founder/creator of ARTention Retention ©2013, currently in its infancy;

4)      Mellody Hobson, President of Ariel Investments; the Fiancée of George Lucas;  Chairman of the Board for Dreamworks Animation SKG and spotlighted as 1 of Chicago’s Top Entrepreneurs (via Chicago Magazine in March, 2013) (upon receiving my SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature ™ - How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2010 package) told me:  “You are quite the creative genius;” and

5)      I am the Creator of 1,900 Holidates (Stories of Significance with a date to celebrate attached) that fall into 34 precise Categories that have received extensive Media Coverage in the following publications/stations, namely:


USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Insight Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, Time Magazine,  ESPN: The Magazine; Fast Company, Redbook, More Magazine, Woman’s World, Sports Illustrated For Kids, Village Voice, Nickelodeon, The Times Picayune, The Gainesville Sun, The Springfield News-Leader, Dave Egger’s Might Magazine, The Milwaukee-Journal-Sentinel, The Detroit Free Press, The Daily Herald, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Advocate/Greenwich Time, The San Antonio Express, The Dallas Morning News, Skyline, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Home Cooking, Cooking Light, Chase’s Calendar of Events, The Daily Northwestern, Popular Photography and Imaging, Shutterbug, Kennedy’s Confection (London, England), Eric Cohen Books (Israel) and an Estonian Newspaper as well as an endless Assortment of Websites since 1994, followed by Blogs, Facebook Postings, ‘Tweets’ on  Twitter and employing other popular Social Networks.  Besides being the Guest on over 3,000 Radio Interviews (including The Voice of America since 1990), ABC, NBC, CBS & MSNBC Television Networks have also featured me for my Creation of these Creative Words + Works.

CURRENT AND URGENT NEEDS:  Social Media Networking intrigues me and being a writer (former penpal devotee) for the last 53 years, I excel at Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. Although I stated above that I need to be hired me and/or introduced to an individual (or company) who can IMMEDIATELY HIRE ME, I am asking for a: 


$10,000 ADVANCE


in order to store my belongings and furniture BEFORE May 23 (2013).  After moving expenses have been paid, this amount will also be used to pay for monthly storage charges, while I diligently work on their Project(s).   



I will sign a binding contract to work with this person/company for 3 hours a day from June 1, 2013 through December 31, 2013 on each platform:  Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.  



June 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013

Monday – Friday:  3 Hours a Day for the work week

Equates to:   15 Hours a Week or 60 Hours a Month

Total of:  420 Hours of additional Exposure for that Company/Individual


My 3 online Resumes (business and creative) are found online at:
The ASK Brand: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Friday, January 16, 2009
ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith: Online Resume
Thursday, October 2, 2008:
The Creative Biography & Profile of Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Wednesday, October 8, 2009:

I can provide a list of references.


Because I type 92+ WPM; had headed my own PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing company and am an avid researcher, vast accomplishments can be achieved in that period of time.  There’s nothing like Social Media Networking.  I don’t know how we ever lived without it!


PLEASE NOTE:  I should also tell you that a dear friend started a fundraising campaign for me via:  However, because I have to move quickly, I cannot properly ‘work it sufficiently.’  Furthermore, I need this money MUCH sooner than I first anticipated. That is why I am appealing to you today.


IN CLOSING:  Any help would be really appreciated before the date of May 23 (10 days from today).  I look forward to hearing from you with any possible assistance. My contact numbers are found below.  Thank you for perusing.




ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Studio 1437

1437 West Rosemont – lW

Chicago, Illinois 60660-1319 USA



847-630-9201 – My Cell

847-448-0544 – My Voice Mail

Li: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

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