Friday, October 18, 2013

TRICK-OR-TREAT-OR-TWEET. When Name Recognition is the biggest Treat of them all.

What's IT going 2 B now? 

As a PRAM-ologist (that’s the Combo of Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing), it’s that Time of Season when We wind down to wind up again for the New Year: 2014 which is quickly approaching.

HALLOWEEN, which is enjoyed by so many has now been renamed by me to:    



Treat the people in your life to your book, art, whatever it is that you are selling.  After all, it need not all be chocolate gummy bears wrapped in layers gooey, nutty taffy apples for HOWL-O-WEEN, but something much more educational or recreational, etc. that they can enjoy and afford.  That’s where


comes into play from today till December 31, 2013.

By utilizing the major Social Media Networks, I’m able to find those Parties – Programs - People interested in your Product and Brand.  This ‘TREAT’ will then become a customized Posting that’s sent-out daily – 7 days a week to those who need to know about YOU and what you’re touting. This includes The Media and those whose Topics concern and impact yours, thus providing you with NEW CONNECTIONS for the New Year: 2014 and beyond.

What a grand way to kickstart the Holiday Buying Season that has already started.  This pre-paid weekly offer begins now. 

Customized Postings are systematically sent 5 Days a Week = $300, prepaid.

For any Questions or Queries you have, just email me at:


& I will reply within 12 hours of receipt.



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