Saturday, November 9, 2013

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith puts CHiCAGO on the Map as The Capitol of Splurge(ing).

Let’s put Chicago on the Map as ‘The Capitol of Splurge(ing)’.


This won’t be hard to do as I have the 19+ year History and Designation of being ‘The SpokesWoman of Splurge’ because of my Copyrighted Creation known as:


When ‘The Math’ is done, you will quickly see that 2014 is my HOLIDATE’s 20TH Year Anniversary.  It only gets ALL THE BETTER from here-on-out when it comes to promoting, exposing and merchandising an EVENT of this immense Scope.  Because I created NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 in Chicago, I am now calling upon the top Business Entrepreneurs in town (and in Cook County) to jump on my Bandwagon and join in the Festivities I have set forth for my BLITZ-O-PALOOZA called:

2014: YEAR OF THE SPLURGE ©2010.

Read all about its Logistics on my Blog at:    

entitled:  ASK’s NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 hits the BiG TiME! Will you be in its Opening News Blitz? 


And, feel free to email me first to set up a time to chat about how this year-long Action Activity can benefit you, your Company, Project/Programs, Club, Association, Group, etc.  The First Deadline in Preparation for YOTS & NSD is:

Friday, November, 15, 2013.

Not only is your Participation a great Way to garner Media Attention; increase your Sales; get to know your Neighbors; receive international feedback/attention, but Participation in this once-in-a-Lifetime EVENT  is beneficial to your future Successes. That’s because my Promotionals (utilizing these HOLIDATES) are an innovative Pop Culture Phenomena that is buzzing and continues that BUZZ for years to come as they have been the last 19. 

I’m thinking: 

A SuperBowl Commercial;


A Mayoral Proclamation from the Mayor as you know all 'Big City Mayors talk' as well as a Gubernatorial Declaration from IL's Governor;

Appearances in every Parade Chicago holds;

TV & Radio Conversations that you will be included in since that’s how I promote my HOLIDATES;

Monthly Articles penned by me, deemed as ‘America’s Premier Eventologist  in trending Magazines that respect the ACT & ART OF SPLURGING as I’ve defined it the last 19+ years;

Weekly You-Tube Videos where I visit your Shop/Location/Gallery, etc. to comment on how it is a Contender for THE SPLURGE AWARD OF THE YEAR that is part of this year-long EVENT; and

many more INSTANT SENSATIONS & SELLERS that demand Attention that are still ‘under-wraps.’

Just type in #NationalSplurgeDay in Twitter to see the Difference a HOLIDATE makes in your Life & those you love.  HOLIDATES do; HOLIDATES can; and HOLIDATES will.  That is a Part of my Literary & Creative Legacy, yet another Chicago First, guaranteed.

My NSD/YOTS are two (2) incredibly structured EVENT Opportunities (established the last/past 19+ years) that you should seriously BUY INTO as it will take your COMPANY/PRODUCT/BRAND to new Levels & Heights that could not have been achieved without this Degree of Sophistication, Intervention and Style. 

IN CLOSING:  Thank you for your Consideration.  As the Excitement builds on a daily basis, I hope to be hearing from you soon in order to tell you more.


America’s Premier Eventologist
Creator/Founder/Spokeswoman: NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994
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DATELINE:  Saturday, November 9, 2013




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