Thursday, November 7, 2013

SEEP ‘n SPLURGE: How to effectively make SPLURGING your Top Priority in 2014.

Observations by REH: Robert E. Hofstadter
Managing Director:  NSD & YOTS
Chicago, Illinois USA
DATELINE:  November 7, 2013 – 4:20 PM CST

Everybody must be their own Brand these days in order to sell themselves, products/projects – whatever they are all about.  It doesn’t take just one time to HIT THE BIG TIME to make your Name into a household, recognizable Entity, but 7-8 critical times to SEEP into the Collective Consciousness of those that you are trying to affect and influence in order for them to EVEN TAKE NOTICE of your Email – Posting – Letter and/or other Form(ats) of Correspondence.  That said, it’s time to move ahead.  The New Year is approaching.

However, now in order to help you make that significant Difference, ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith of NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 and the YEAR OF THE SPLURGE ©2010 is turning her undivided Attention allowing you to receive the Recognition due on your Concerns and Core Interests.  This is Communal ReInvention, pure and simple.

HOW THIS OPERATION WORKS:  On the Numbered Day of your Birth (say it’s January 1) and the First of each Month thereafter:

February 1, March 1, April 1, May 1, June 1, July 1, August 1, September 1, October 1, November 1 and December 1 of each month thereafter, ASK will edit and distribute a brief one-page Rundown of your latest Project via Twitter – Facebook & LinkedIn, 3 of the most popular  and powerful Social Media Networks utilized.  That way your Story and Strides through 2014 will be recorded and become well-known.  A better Offer cannot be found.

THE MOTTO:   Splurge on to Yourself.

“Splurge on to Yourself” is the First Principle of Recognizing your True Worth and Value in Life during the 20TH Year ABC: Anniversary-Birthday-Celebration of NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 that now recognizes 12 poignant and demanding Themes, one applicable to each Month of the Year. 

YOUR MISSION is to provide new Material one week before your Birthday and Anniversary Date (each Month thereafter) and a Publicity Blitz YOU-tilizing these 3 Social Media Networks will be generated. 

You will also receive a Verified Copy that can be adhered to your Website as a Testimonial of your Participation in NATIONAL SPLURGE DAY ©1994 & the YEAR OF THE SPLURGE ©2010 for further mileage. 

COSTS:  Only $1200 ($100 a Month), prepaid by Wednesday, November 27, 2013; starting on January 1, 2014. 

Payable by Certified Check and/or Paypal.

Email ASK at askoopersmith(at)hotmail(dot)com to discuss your Rise up the Pop Culture Charts during the YEAR OF THE SPLURGE. After all, no matter WHAT YOU SELL, you’re always selling yourself.


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