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A World without Beef. What Mellody Hobson tells us about the Future of COW. This is a Hard Pill to swallow, America.

For Tax Day 2014, if that is not 'taxing' enough, we find that: 

Well, there you have it.   Always fixated on The News, I was watching CBS This Morning when Mellody Hobson of Ariel Funds appeared and told us some extremely startling news. Evidently, from the horrific Weather Patterns  that struck and  paralyzed the USA this past year, the Price of Beef is rising – the highest it has ever been. These new Price Hikes will prevent many people from buying any. Mellody stated the extremely cold, lingering Weather killed tens of thousands of Cows/Cattle – the ones who are responsible for our Sliders, Quarter Pounders, Filet Mignons and all cuts of meat in-between. 

That was an eye-opening fact I did not know, but it made plenty of sense, because about 10 days earlier, I heard a segment that was just as frightening. Large numbers of Ducks and Fish in Lake Michigan perished because of the ferociously cold weather known as the Polar Vortex. And, throughout this past Winter Season, I kept telling myself over and over again:

 “This is the worst weather you’ve ever experienced in 61 years, Adrienne.” 

And, I was right, but I didn’t realize how far those Ramifications can go to disrupt the Balance of Nature (quite literally) – particularly my Diet and how I like to eat because we like to eat and we do get set in our Ways and Weighs.

Mellody, an Expert in Finances and Economic Trends, is the President of Ariel Funds (based in Chicago) stated that it simply boils down to Supply and Demand. Fewer Cows portend a higher Price at the Butcher Block.   Now, as I gaze at all the Food Photos in RedEye, I’m seeing the vast sociological Consequences that happen when Weather and Mother Nature take out their Wrath on us, affecting us for a much longer time, after the Storms & Snows pass. So what are Meat Eaters going to do? 
Mellody smiled when she stated that ‘The Chickens’ are really coming 'home to roost.' In lieu of Beef, Chicken is the new Replacement Food. I’m surprised there was no mention of Pork, the ‘other White Meat’ for those who consume Porcine. The Impact not only hit Americans’ wallets, but their waistlines. Somehow, filed away in the back of my mind, I think this is a Plan (call it ‘Grand Conspiracy’) for People to give up their Beef.

No more Patties. 
No more Grilling. 
No more Condiments that add so much to a juicy Steak. 

ON THE UP SIDE: Cases of Gout may diminish. A lighter Diet may equate to weight loss. The Obesity Problem may begin to subside or perhaps fade a few pounds if no Cattle Cuts are readily available. Hoarding Beef Flavoring and Beef-concentrated Tofus are foreseeable, knowing how Human Nature reacts to turbulent events as these.

Clara Peller’s famous ‘Where’s the Beef?’ Line takes on a much different Angle than when she commercially voiced that Zinger in 1984. History does run in Cycles and in this case: Every Thirty (30) Years. 

Will Brahma Bulls (revered and sacred in India) suddenly begin to disappear in the Far East only to be reappearing in Butcher Shops across the United States now? Will Cow Poaching (sure to make headline news) drive millions of Americans to scramble in their yearning for a all-Beef Burger?  New Soy Beef Replacements are sure to emerge overnight on the Marketplace.  How far will People go for their Beefy Fix? 

When Tulip Mania struck Holland in  March of 1637 during the Dutch Golden Age, one Bulb sold for $1,000,000. This was considered the First Recorded Speculative Bubble.      

What about the Bar-B-Q Biz that heats up in late May for the Start-up of SummerTime Picnics across the USA? Will gasoline prices run neck-to-neck with a slab of Rump Roast? These Questions (plus more) are what Mellody left us pondering today as many of us plan our daily Lunch and Supper Family Menus.

However, on the other hand, if Beef and ‘Cow’ was missing from our Diets: We might get healthier. We need to get healthier.  This Extraction may be a Blessing in disguise – unless, you’re a Chicken, of course.

What wasn’t mentioned during Mellody’s Segment [since not enough programming time was designated to this all-encompassing and extremely interesting Topic that affects us all even if we are Vegans or non-Meat Eaters] is that ‘Cows are King’ when it comes to producing Methane Emissions.  Many City People (Urbanites) do not realize this #FunFarmFact.  Twenty-Five Percent (25%) of this potent Greenhouse Gas is attributed to gassy Cows.  With fewer Cows (by the thousands), this Decrease will aid in Global Warming/Cooling or ‘Global Weirding’ as Thomas Friedman of The New York Times terms this Condition.  As we can clearly see by Ms. Hobson’s eye-opening (yet highly disturbing Commentary), the Earth is changing radically and We hardly know what to do or know what our Future(s) hold, let alone what to eat next. 

On the Count of 3 be scared:   Totally scared.

Let's hope 'they' don't start on my other favorite Food Groups: Chocolate and Coffee next. 

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