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Noting NOAH: Finding Old Time REELigion in our Lives for 2014.


NOAH IN THE BLOGOSPHERE: It seems a lot of people have a lot to say about the Noah Movie currently in theaters...


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@FindingNoahFilm Wld the Real/Reel Noah turnover in his Grave if he new he had 'gone' Blogosphere? Lets hold a Seance & C 4 sure. #REELigion

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REELigion (Noun) is a Blend/Mix and Combination of the Two (2) Nouns:


Reel & Religion, Acronyms that can be applied to each other.  For instance, the Movie, NOAH is premiering in 2014, deemed as the ‘Year of Bible Movies,’ although not everyone is religious.  On the other hand, those Individuals who are creating this Flick are "REEL" enthusiasts, feeling their PRODUCT has a viable Audience.  In order to capture this new 21st Century Audience and win over others who are hesitant to believe in or get involved in Religious and/or Biblical Themes (not knowing if they are true or just the Creative Activity of a scores of  Monks with a lot of time on their hands, thousands of years ago), and who see THE WORLD as not having a righteous God who would condone the Blood-Guts-Gore (non-stop Brutality, Terrorism & Violence) that is happening on the Streets of our Cities across the World, a wide range of Marketing Ploys must be used.  Enter:  Social Media Networking and the Wonders of who IM: Internet Magic can connect to in an extremely short Period of Time (or less). 

Will the Movie, NOAH and/or any Movie produced henceforth that has a “REEL-igious” (the Adjective of this Koopersmithian Term) Theme be a Box Office Success?  No one knows for sure as new Generations of People  (and Movie-Goers) are forever  emerging; being introduced to Topics & Themes that they can folly in and be entertained by.  Historically, when Religion enters State and Governmental Arenas, the ‘Talk’ never ends.  When Religion and Reels (of Film) appear at our Movie Theatres, there’s something yet there to delight in.


Therefore, the Term:  REELigion has now entered the Realms of Popular Culture.



Reeligion [or REELigion] is in the [Curriculum] of my Film & Video Classes for next Semester.  Evidently, my Professor wants his Classes to view, examine and evaluate how [real and 'REEL' Religion] can be(come), develop and/or affect larger Populations (of many different Religions and Persuasions) when featured on the Movie, TV & Computer Screens; how these Movies accepted into the Mainstream; their ['Liveliness'] and if [Religion[ is alive or dead to sometimes a disinterested and impartial Audience.

And, perhaps the best and most significant Fact worth remembering about Noah, Movies & the Situations, People, Places, Things and Creatures that come-and-go in our Lives is the Fact (Fiction or Friction) that after all these years, they still give us something (of essence) to write about...

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