Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bird Words For Sale! Over 1,025 Original Bird Terms to save “Our Friends in High Places” created by ASK/Chicago - Author of The Birdictionary. Start your Year off on a High Note.


Attn:  All Bird elated/related Publications:


With a New Year comes New Ideas & Concepts that will make The Times ahead of us much more interesting.  I have found that is The General Plan for most people.  Your Publication came to mind (as I’m a Writer/Author who is wishing to place my latest Round of Material).  We all need to set ourselves free from The Flock and this just might do it!  For The Sake of The Birds, I certainly hope so.


With that said, I’ve created a new Avenue in which to SPOTLIGHT Birds, as I’ve been following (or as I like to say in fluent Twitterese:  #follo_WING) them for over 60 years now. Mom & I would take many Strolls in Nature and out in the Country to hear and see them being what they do best: Being Birds. 


FLASH FORWARDING TO TODAY:  As an Author & Screenwriter, I composed a Selection of Terms that cover The Duo Relationship Humans have with Birds:  Their Beauty vs. The Atrocities I’ve seen hoisted on Birds since I was a “Kid Growing Up Koopersmith,” being born in 1952.


NOW is the Time to act without further ado as it is later than We think.


Communications and Broadcasting are the Dynamics in which We communicate Today.  Therefore, I have Bird Words for Sale. Words that you have never ever heard before, but you may think you have!   


-All of them are Original.

-There are well over 1,025 Terms on hand – on wing.

-There are Acronyms.

-There are Bird Campaigns.

-There are Twenty (20) New Birdillian Holidates all contained in which I have declared as: THE DECADE OF THE BIRD that is slated for 2015-2025. 


This Period encompasses all of my Bird Writings – Words - Stories – Movie Scripts, etc.


All #Bird_Words are Thematic as to how Birds fare in a #Man_infested_World.


 All are derived from a Book I am publishing called:  The Birdictionary ® that will include Art & Photos from The Plethora of Bird People I have met and those that I follow on the major Social Medias.


By choosing to buy these Terms, this will make for an excellent Column in your Publication as well as savvy Marketing Tool for  any or all leading Avian Magazines across The World in which their Readers & Subscribers can learn more about Nature, a very Good Place to be. 


OR if the Price is right, I would consider doing an “Exclusive” on The Terms for a One-Year Cycle. Another Alternative is that I would host a Bird-Word each Month/Week as a Column, being both educational & entertaining. All Words are derived from my Birdictionary ©1998/2015 originally begun on October 1, 1998 when the first 108 Words appeared in my Children’s Book called:




 and now all Bird-Approved as of 2016.



To let you know about The Depth of these Words, One Term is so dynamic it is described in over 10,000 Words and is going to be published by March 15TH as its own Book, aside from Usage in The BIrdictionary. 


IN CLOSING: For any and all Questions, please contact me here at Facebook or @ASK_Koopersmith.


On behalf of BIRDS everywhere…while they still have a Chance, thank you for your Consideration.




ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Birdographer - Screenwriter - Author - Eventologist - Promoter
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what ASK writes about…”
Chicago – IL USA



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