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Reading & Writing Salon launched by ASK/Chicago: Investors wanted to promote The Chicago Fabric.

UPDATE #2: Dated:
Saturday, May 6, 2017
As of Wednesday, April 5, 2017, a popular New York City Reporter/Interviewer/Radio Talk Show Host of NPR's Planet Money (a major Media Conglomerate) flew to Chicago to interview me for the entire Day about the Literary Genre I solely created:  EVENTOLOGY.  At that time, I had no viable BOOK out; no Album to release; no Tour to promote; I had not cured any dreaded Disease.  Why did he fly half way across the Continental USA - The Country  - in order to interview me?  Because he found one of my BLOGS very interesting and he wanted to visit with a Creatif who pushes "The Curious Flow of The Art of Writing" to its Edge. In other Words:  What was behind my Strategies to launch such a Diverse Set of Literature that spans now 27 years of Fleeting Time - that penetrated the Global Culture in more than 1,900 Ways and in 34 precise Categories.  All of this certifies why my READING AND WRITING SALON (explained below) is needed in today's ever changing and diverse World.  Your Support & Contribution would make for more intriguing Encounters of the Literary Variety possible and plausible for (y)our Entertainment & Education.

The Tweet to accompany NPR's Visit follows:

#ASK's #EVENTOLOGY: The #Art of #Event_Making rocked #NPR on April 18:
When #Legacies change #Humanity.

UPDATE #1:  As of Friday, March 10, 2017, this BLOG’s Rates are still current for those who want to PARTICIPATE within the next few Weeks.  After all where else can you get such a Deal that would cost five times The Amount?  Rates increase on April 20, 2017 as We heat up for The Summer of 2017 when everyone wants their PROJECTS to fly.  Read on and please feel free to share this URL: 
Much appreciated.
* * *

“There is nothing more satisfying than aiding Mankind in getting his Point across to the largest Number of People, affecting the most Good for those Masses of People, Animals, Places & Things We hold near and dear.”


“America’s Premier Eventologist”


Founder of: Koopersmith’s Global Communications

Friday, October 7, 2016 – 12:46 PM CST

Writing & Reading are the most important Medium We have.  Put the Two (2) together and you get what We Humans call: Communication.  Due to The Fact that you must be an extroverted Fellow Human Being and are given to reading this Copy from a “Virtual Stranger,” there’s a Magnetism that draws us together.  Most likely it’s an ATT: Activity, Topic or Thing or that We both find fascinating.  That’s a Good Thing. 

Because you have already looked over most of this Copy, I am delighted! I initially sent out 205 Posts (from September 11 – October 6, 2016) to launch THE CHICAGO FABRIC (now edited to The Chicago Fabriq ©2016) and 444 read it – doubling its Number within 26 Days. 

According to The Calendar, it is now edging towards the Middle of October and Time for The Start-Up to the Wind-down of 2016 & heralding in the New Year 2017.  In the Branding World, I wanted you to be wary of that Fact as you may be adding to your Staffs in order to kickstart your upcoming Future Plans.

Therefore, for those of you participating in The Chicago Fabric/Fabriq ©2016, the First Year of keeping you on my Radar and sending out Posts (Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn only) to apprise others of your Achievements/Milestones/Activities, that Prepaid Fee to get started Today is: 


(reduced $5,000)

 to the First Ten Responders.

After January 1st, the PRAM:  Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing & Branding Fee returns to $40,000 for a Five (5) Year Period.  Noted as from January, 2017 – December of 2022. 

Writing & Reading are King (and will probably forever remain to be just that):  Having a Satellite Office in the Third Largest Metropolitan & Cosmopolitan Area – Chicago - with a  consummate Promoter who has been “at it” since 1979 is a wise Choice (for you) to make.  It’s blatantly very conducive to (y)our Growth where Writing & Reading connects us all, all the Time. 

For any and all Questions you may have, gmail me at:


so We can set up a mutual time in which to discuss this Time-Sensitive Offer.  If you need help in BLOWING YOUR HORN, that’s my Specialty.

IN CLOSING: Thank you for reading along.  Please feel free to share this Copy and Blog with others. Continued Success in all your Endeavors:  Online & off…



A FEW WORDS FROM ME:  250 to be exact:  I reside in Chicago – the Third Largest Metropolitan & Cosmopolitan City in The USA:  Indeed a glorious Center in which to have a Satellite Base for your illustrious Operation.  After all, Networking and knowing People who know The 5W’s of Journalism (Who-What-When-Where-Why) is  happening in The Area & Region is tantamount to successful Expansion.  I find very easy to do.

You can now have just that for the next Five (5) Years – perhaps MORE if you so desire for only:

Two Hundred Thousand ($200,000) a year

starting now…with me @ The Helm.   

I have operated my very own PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing Company since 1979, calling Chicago MY HOME – “Sweet Home Chicago” since 1974.  I know what’s going on as I also make Things happen, being the Creator of CAC: Cartoonists Against Crime/CAT: Cartoonists Against Terrorism, 50 Books & 1900 HOLIDATES as well as 4 (of a Group of 9 Movie Scripts & Books that eliminates RACISM through The Eyes of TOYS from my Private Collection).  And, my Creative Input does not stop there.

ART & LITERATURE make The World go round.  This quotable Statement is to suggest that you hire me (an Creatif/Entrepreneur).  I would become Part of your Team in a Satellite Office (my Hometown).  Our Goal is to aid, assist and help you prepare for various Projects you are  presently undertaking.  I merely wanted to explain it moreso since it definitely is something I would do if I were not here doing it anyway!

IF you are on "The Proverbial Fence" about this unique Offer, let’s take small Steps to start out.  My Social Media Posts from now through October 15, 2016 begin at:

$100 for 12 Posts (on Facebook – Twitter & LinkedIn).  

This is a super(b) Deal, especially as the Year winds down and We wish to wind up for 2017.

Consultation begins at $150/Hour if you would like to discuss Ideas on your Drawing Board.     

For any and all Questions, all you need do is ASK.   I am merely a P&C: Point & Click away.  

NOW for The Blog I initially penned and posted Two (2) Days ago that unveils:  The Chicago Fabric...     


Chicago, IL USA:

DATELINE:  Sunday, September 11, 2016

My Dream (since I was a little Girl) is to have a Reading Room – a Salon.  Now, after writing and creating since 1979, I now have a huge Body of Work (all Pop Culture & Humanitarian in nature) where I can now expose and exhibit my 1,900 HOLIDATES (in 34 different Categories) that gave me the exclusive Titles of:

America’s Premier Eventologist

by Gene Koprowski of Insight Magazine

 Washington, DC – August of 1997


The Premier Eventologist in The History of The World

by Eric Zorn of The Chicago Tribune

Chicago, Illinois – January of 2001

as well as my vast Collection of Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991 and Cartoonists Against Terrorism ©2001 Cartoons & my Fifty(50) Books, all part of:

The Chicago Fabric: Literary & Artistique

via ASK/Chicago ©2016.

Also included will be my Work-in-Progress called:



that is a 7-9 Part Book & Movie Series that helps to:

-eliminate Racism
-dispel The Mixed Signals & Ironies We receive; and
-get to The Heart of what really matters.

All seen through The Eyes of Plush Toys - from my private collection - that addresses the most important Issues We all face today. 

Won’t you join me by becoming an Investor in this Endeavor? One that spells out The Enhancement & Enjoyment of what “The ARTS” continue to do:  Enthrall & inspire.

For those Angel Investors, Investors and/or Sponsors who wish to learn more, contact me at:

to set up a time to chat. The Property has already been found.  Together We can further put Chicago on the Map and promote those who need that extra Little Push.   Centrally located between New York City & Los Angeles, Chicago is “The Hub – a Center of Creativity” that is in a League of its own - that no other Location can claim.  It’s our Time to shine.   I hope to hear from you soon.  This promises to be one of the most lucrative and most thrilling Projects I have yet to launch!   



Koopersmith’s Global Communications

“People read what ASK writes about…”

Author of: THE BIRDICTIONARY ©1998/2015

STUDIOS 5820 – 1437 – 1258

Chicago – Illinois USA

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