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When Killing Innocent Birds becomes a Box Office Hit. Only in America. Getting Justice for BirdLife: One Blog @ a Time via ASK/Chicago: Author of The Birdictionary.

BLOG #1218:  Friday, September 9, 2016 - 10:05 AM CST

A Facebook Post of great Significance that stands for a very important TOPIC:

Conservation of Nature follows for your perusal.

ASK/Chicago: Sending this out on behalf of THE BIRDS (the Innocent Ones (Victims) with NO Voice who greet us each Morning with a SONG) that somehow were totally forgotten about while this FILM was being produced... although Tom Hanks will walk away with another $20 million paycheck and the Movie will turn into a Box Office Hit with a possible Academy Award attached.

This is how WILDLIFE dies.

In Twitter Format which is my typical Branding Device:

#ASK_Chgo: Who's mourng #GEESE who died b/c of Man's #Inhumanity towards #Wildlife?
This is a WAKE-UP Call. Too many Birds are dying because of our Skyscrapers hampering their Migrations as well.

FROM The Author of: The Birdictionary: ©1998/2015
2015-2025: The Decade of The Bird:

Alan Matthew
Tony Fitzpatrick
National Audubon Society
National Aviary
Birds Planet
BirdLife International
Birds Caribbean
Birds & Blooms Magazine
Audubon Women in Conservation
Avian Welfare Coalition
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
American Ornithologists' Union
Western Field Ornithologists
NAOC 2016


For those of you further interested in my cerebral/imaginative Words & Works in Fine Birding + Nature + Compassion, please note that I'm presently looking for


especially for publishing of my BIRDICTIONARY ©1998/2015/2016  & then on to Movie Scripts & Books (7-9) that deal with:

eliminating Racism;
dispelling The Mixed Signals & Ironies We receive every Day; and
getting to The Heart of what really matters

all seen through The Eyes of my Plush TOYS that I have been  collecting since Birth.   These are all ANIMALS that have been on the Planet for Tens of Millions of Years – much, much earlier than Man has been.  Their BACK STORY  alone is one of the most thrilling.

My First Selection of 1,050 original Terms I have solely created forms the Basis of THE  BIRDICTIONARY (a voluminous Book – more at the encyclopedic level that is  a Work-in-Progress).  This Term is 400 Pages strong.  Its Date of Copyright is Friday, October 14, 2016 during 1 of my favorite Avianesque HOLIDATES I created as I'm designated as “America's Premier Eventologist” (since Wednesday, July 25, 1990  although my Works have been well-received across the entire Planet) that is designed to promote by Birdillian Compositions/Drawings/ARTS entitled: 

THE DECADE OF THE BIRD (S): 2015-2025.

This is a timely Offer especially so as We plan our Year-End-in-Reviews.  SPONSORSHIP (till September 30) is only $50,000 per year, prepaid.  “The Birds Future” is dependent on The Number of People who read your POSTS as well as informing them of your Websites &  Blogs.

For those (as myself) who have “THE NATURE-al KNACK (Tenacity, Perseverance, Creativity & Writing Ability) in correctly composing & distributing Social Media Posts, this is an Opportunity.

FYI:   My top Three (3) are Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn.  My Efforts have proven results that The Birds need as they interact with “The Rest of us” who for the most Part need ample Quantities of Behavior Modification.    Sorry if I sound cynical today, but my Social Media Posts are usually much more upbeat.

FYI, for those of you who may need my Assistance in spreading YOUR MESSAGE, included in this Roll Call are: 

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Zoos,  Zoo Curators & Zoo Educators

Your Year-End-In-Review will kickstart your Projects/Views well into 2017.  There are literally Tens of Thousands of Names in my Database focusing on:

ATB: All Things Bir.d

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Follow-up included.  By the way, I’ve coined the Term:


to single out the Importance Birds are in our World, although that Term definitely applies to Bats and Insects – Flying Squirrels - some Lemurs – Fish -  Snake – Gecko – Frogs according to:

those who find soaring & gliding to be one of the easiest Acts to do.

The Deadline for this Year-End-in Review is

Wednesday: October 5, 2016 at Noon.
Payment is by Certified Check only.

During THE DECADE OF THE BIRD, this is the Best branding & marketing Promotions ever devised.

IN CLOSING:  For any Questions or Queries, contact me & ASK what you're wanting to know!  I'm always just a P&C: Point & Click away.  Thank you for your Time & Effort.  I hope to be hearing from you soon.   


Please begin #folo_WING me at the Locales below:  

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