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From The Creator of International Thank You Days ©1994 (5/6/8)

Far different from the traditional & commercialized Thanksgiving celebrated by Americans in late November, ASK’s International Thank You Days ©1994 (5/6/8) is an 8-Day Period in which to THANK PEOPLE from your Life, Past and Present for Kindnesses, Favors, Gestures & Generosities they have bestowed and granted you. These can be People you have lost contact with, but found in any Myriad of Ways or People you may have taken for granted (temporarily) but wish to finally THANK.

In Koopersmith’s Official ITYD Book, she has systematically compiled a List of Service People that salutes a certain Segment of Society on each Day of this 8-Day Period. The best Two Words to use while traveling through Life are “THANK YOU.” Adrienne explains: “This HOLIDATE was penned in honor of my Kindergarten Teacher, Miss Lucille Fritz, who not only taught my Father, Self, Brother & Sister the Things all 5 year olds should know, but who was inspirational in giving me my First Set of Crayons & Paper (aside from MOM, that is) in My Personal Quest (The MPQ Factor) to be The Best Creative Self that I can be (circa September of 1957 when I first left home and entered Kindergarten at Blackstone Grade School in Mendota, IL, a small farming community 100 miles SW of Chicago).”

ASK relays: “Miss Fritz has been gone for a long time, but never ever forgotten with each Piece of Paper I turn and Writing Instrument I pick up. She’s the ‘First Outsider I ever met who cared.’ We all have a Miss Fritz in our Lives.” At a Séance conjured up for Miss Fritz’s Take & Opinion on this HOLIDATE, the Spirit of Miss Fritz began to weep. Adrienne reminded her of the Chocolate Crinkle Cookies with the White Sprinkles of Powdered Sugar her Mother, Mrs. Betty Friend Koopersmith made and shared with her Class so long ago. At that pivotal point, Miss Fritz broke into a hardy laugh and thanked ASK for the heart-felt Dedication of this astounding 8-Day Celebration that indelibly is one of Pop Culture’s Best.


1. ASK pens an Article for your Publication as a Contributor on the Theory of Thanking and its Spiritual Connotations (of those 2 Words) which includes asking People-on-the-Street(s) who they are planning to (finally) thank others in their Life for this Event’s Celebration. Today with the onslaught of eMail, there is no credible Excuse not to be polite, courteous and thank anyone anymore. There just is no acceptable Excuse to be rude.

2. Assign one of your Senior Staff Writers to interview ASK regarding the 5W’s of Journalism and how she created this unique Event, now in its 15TH year.

3. By the same Token, you may wish to HIRE ASK for 2008 for your Publication in a Column called: ASK, THE EVENTOLOGIST ®.

4. For TV &/or Radio Broadcasts & Programming: Have Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith appear as a Guest on your Program where she will devote an Segment on the Act & Art of Thanking that are not subject to Commercialization. These Techniques will spotlight ASK’s above referenced HOLIDATE: ASK’s International Thank You Days ©1994 (5/6/8) and listing those (both near and afar) whom We wish to contact and tell those 2 precious and most meaningful Words to.

5. International Thank You Day ©1994 (5/6/8) has been condensed into a 16-page Children’s Book, suitable for ages 3-8 in order for them to be properly introduced to the Eventological Style of Living Life in the 21ST Century. That Equation focuses on a healthier and wiser Outlook, instilling the Eight (8) Virtues that ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith inspires in others and promotes under the Auspices of:

The ART of EVENT-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990.

An Assortment of Chicago Talent (Illustrators, Fine Artists, Water Colorists, Graphic Artists, Computer Graphic Artists and Cartoonists, as well as using ASK’s own Photographs) have been employed to illustrate said HOLIDATE ® according to Koopersmith’s specific Instructions. An astute Book Publisher (preferably from New York City) who has been in the Book Industry for 50+ years is currently being sought to distribute this poignant Series. Her ultimate Plan includes all 1,500+ of these classic, unique and original HOLIDATES, a complete Series (that fall into 35 specific Categories) and deluxe EVENT-O-PEDIA ® Set.


Booklets and/or Info Sheets are/were created for this and the other 1,500+ HOLIDATES (that are housed in 35 distinct Genres) and are updated regularly. ASK’s EVENT-O-PEDIA ® was released in 1997. Upon EVENTOLOGY’s 20TH Year Anniversary, another EVENT Encyclopedia will be published.

PREDICTIONS FOR 2008: According to ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH, Thematic Events are now aptly called:


This Concept is elaborated moreso in THE CHRONICLES OF EVENTOLOGY ® and is the Basis of KOOPERSMITH’s 1,500+ HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE. All HOLIDATES ® are meticulously placed on specifically chosen Dates of Appeal and specialized Seasons of The Year and have a decisive Theme and Drill that can be used for a wide Array of School Curriculums, Parties, Marketing Studies, Slow News Days, Social Clubs, Senior Citizen Gatherings, Radio & TV Programming, Life-in-General, etc.

Because People are partial and gravitate towards Themes (in which they can plan future Activities around), ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH’s HOLIDATES (that fall into 35 specific Categories) are ideal in which to layout a Calendar, an Editorial Month or a Family’s, Individuals’, Media or School’s Agenda.


All HOLIDATES ® are copyrighted, protected by Law and archived in Washington, D.C. since July 25, 1990 when EVENTOLOGY officially was launched. None of these Events can be used in any Form without notifying and gaining the Express Permission of its Creator and Author: ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH at:

Any Copyright Infringement of these HOLIDATES will be immediately turned over to Legal Prosecutors.

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