Friday, December 21, 2007

From The Creator of National Smith Day ©1995

National Smith Day ©1995 slated annually for January 6
Celebrating its 14TH Year in 2008

National Smith Day ©1995 was merely created as an intensive Means for me to easily trace my Ancestry (back) in order to locate other long, lost Relatives who may have dropped either the ‘KOOPER’ or the ‘SMITH’ in the Surname of: Koopersmith (which is my Last Name) when entering the USA in the early 1900s. While researching this common Phenomenon & Practice that destroys (a) Family’s Legacy (of Origins), I actually found and decided to put this Event on the Birth Date of the First Individual responsible for the Americanization & Assimilation of the United States, Captain John Smith, the English Colonial Leader who settled Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 thereby bringing so many People to our Shores (no matter what their Names were).

Wednesday, January 6, 1580 was his Birth Date, therefore, this HOLIDATE is appropriately dedicated to Captain Smith and the Efforts he set forth, post morten. And, also because of this KOOPERSMITHIAN Event (that was successfully launched in 1995), The General Population is exploring their own Genealogy and Name-Sakes and finding there’s nothing quite like tracing their Ancestry back…way back…in order to get in touch with their Real Roots and Heritage. Educational, Fun and a Learning Experience all rolled into one, ASK’s National Smith Day ©1995 is for those bona fide Smiths or Smith Wannabe’s.

This multi-faceted HOLIDATE also stresses the great Importance of ASKing (y)our Grandparents Questions about their Youth, Philosophies and Viewpoints while We are still blessed by having them with us. The Smithhood Standard remains as this: During a Séance held on Thursday, January 6, 1999 (upon the HOLIDATE’s 5TH Commemoration), Captain Smith was ‘called back from Beyond’ and in a Spontaneous Meeting discussed with ADRIENNE the Plethora of SMITHS (in Name and Occupation both) who have (at their Root) on other derivative Names as: Koopersmith, Coppersmith, Metalsmith, Goldsmith, Arrowsmith, Silversmith, etc. as Smith is the most Common Surname in the English Language.

Because of the Popularity of NATIONAL SMITH DAY ©1995, KOOPERSMITH has been asked by Fans to ‘expand this HOLIDATE.’ Currently, she is writing THE SMITH-O-PEDIA ® that objectively outlines The Dogma of NATIONAL SMITH DAY ©1995 on a wider perspective and those Subjects (as her Relatives) who have smithified ® the World. Her Card & Board Game entitled: NAME THAT SMITH ©1995-2007 will be released in early Spring, 2008.

THE OFFICIAL UNVEILING: For 2008, the First SOTY: Smith Of The Year ® Award is presented to Ms. Sheryl Andrea Smith of Solutions and Strategies (located in Chicago) who has spent 2 intensive Decades traveling and working across the World in the Capacity of Peacemaker & Conflict Management Mediator/Negotiator. To seek Ms. Smith’s Services or to interview her, email her directly at: after you have visited her Website at:

For those individuals who wish to be kept apprised of other top SMITHian Projects, Books, Endeavors throughout the upcoming year, break-throughs, accomplishments, etc., join Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s SMITH SYNDICATION SOCIETY ®. Membership is set at only $25.00 per Smith for 2008. “After all, it is a Brother-&-Sisterhood of Smiths,” ASK exclaims. Send your eMedia Releases to ASK at: before the 3RD of each month. Your ‘News’ is then broadcast on the 6TH of every Month on her Blog, KOOPERSMITHin’ ®.


1. ASK to contribute an Article on VIS: Very Important Smiths in your Area and how this unique HOLIDATE ‘makes a staggering Difference’ and furthermore explores the Educational Angle by adding significantly to a School’s Curriculum.

2. Assign one of your Senior Staff Writers to interview ASK regarding the 5W’s of Journalism and how she created this unique Event, now in its 14TH year.

3. By the same Token, you may wish to HIRE ASK for 2008 for your Publication in a Column called: ASK, THE EVENTOLOGIST ®.

4. Give a Gift to all those in your Studio Audience (for TV Stations or Listeners, if Radio ) on this HOLIDATE who are Smiths via their IDs or any Derivative of this Name according to ASK’s Explanation of National Smith Day ©1995. Perhaps an all-expense Paid Trip to a Smith-Town/Ville/Burg (of which there are several across the Continental USA) could be the Grand Prize.

5. National Smith Day ©1995 has been condensed into a 16-page Children’s Book, suitable for ages 3-8 in order for them to be properly introduced to the Eventological Style of Living Life in the 21ST Century. That Equation focuses on a healthier and wiser Outlook, instilling the Eight (8) Virtues that ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith inspires in others and promotes under the Auspices of:

The ART of EVENT-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990.

An Assortment of Chicago Talent (Illustrators, Fine Artists, Water Colorists, Graphic Artists, Computer Graphic Artists and Cartoonists, as well as using ASK’s own Photographs) have been employed to illustrate said HOLIDATE ® according to Koopersmith’s specific Instructions. An astute Book Publisher (preferably from New York City) who has been in the Book Industry for 50+ years is currently being sought to distribute this poignant Series. Her ultimate Plan includes all 1,500+ of these classic, unique and original HOLIDATES, a complete Series (that fall into 35 specific Categories) and deluxe EVENT-O-PEDIA ® Set.


Booklets and/or Info Sheets are/were created for this and the other 1, 500+ HOLIDATES (that are housed in 35 distinct Genres) and are updated regularly. ASK’s EVENT-O-PEDIA ® was released in 1997. Upon EVENTOLOGY’s 20TH Year Anniversary, another EVENT Encyclopedia will be published.

PREDICTIONS FOR 2008: According to ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH, Thematic Events are now aptly called:


This Concept is elaborated moreso in THE CHRONICLES OF EVENTOLOGY ® and is the Basis of KOOPERSMITH’s 1,500+ HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE. All HOLIDATES ® are meticulously placed on specifically chosen Dates of Appeal and specialized Seasons of The Year and have a decisive Theme and Drill that can be used for a wide Array of School Curriculums, Parties, Marketing Studies, Slow News Days, Social Clubs, Senior Citizen Gatherings, Radio & TV Programming, Life-in-General, etc.

Because People are partial and gravitate towards Themes (in which they can plan future Activities around), ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH’s HOLIDATES (that fall into 35 specific Categories) are ideal in which to layout a Calendar, an Editorial Month or a Family’s, Individuals’, Media or School’s Agenda.


All HOLIDATES ® are copyrighted, protected by Law and archived in Washington, D.C. since July 25, 1990 when EVENTOLOGY officially was launched. None of these Events can be used in any Form without notifying and gaining the Express Permission of its Creator and Author: ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH at:

Any Copyright Infringement of these HOLIDATES will be immediately turned over to Legal Prosecutors.


Sheryl said...

I applaud Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith for creating National Smith Day! Growing up Smith meant my teachers could spell my name and didn't ask questions regarding my ethnicity. Smith bored people. How generic! Smith, well that's easy!

I use my full name Sheryl Andrea Smith because of my common last name. I am glad to be a Smith among many others in the United States. The name is common but we stand out in a proud way!

I am a purveyor of communication as a mediator, peacemaker, communication strategist and conflict resolution specialist. Please visit my website at

I mediate intractable conflicts in a trusting, safe environment, where parties can begin to unpack issues and move towards truths that create change and foster meaningful solutions. I help dissolve relationships with dignity, when appropriate. I control the communication process, while the parties choose the solutions that fit for them. It is truly gratifying to watch this amazing process unfold paving the way toward better understanding and lasting change.

There is a path to peaceful solution; let me show you the way!

Sheryl Andrea Smith

Brent said...

I married a Smith in the '60's and liked the name because no one could pronounce my madien name correctly - Breton - long e. The name was great until 1970 when I was pregnant. I still looked about 16 and my hands swelled and I couldn't wear my rings. I got the knowing looks from doctors, pharmyicists and others. It was always "okay Mrs. Smith" Still I like the well-known name.
Teri Smith.

Alice Smith said...

I found out about National Smith Day in 2000, and have celebrated it ever since. I have four sisters and we all talk about going back to using our Smith name. My mother was a Smith and married a Smith, so I am a double Smith and feel very special. Both of my great-grandfathers had exactly the same name, Andrew Jackson Smith. They are both buried in the same cemetary aboy 100 feet or so apart. I love the story my mother used to always tell me: way back when in the beginning of time everyone was named Smith. But as they got to being ugly and doing bad things those people had to change their names. :)