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KOOPERSMITHIN' - The Zoey Effect enlists Chicago's Top Artistic Talent


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Dateline: Monday, December 3, 2007

When Friendship outlasts the Test of Time
The Zoey Effect launches Chicago's Top Artistic Talent

At the end of the year, We often think of kicking ourselves. “IF ONLY” is the lament. But since each Day proves to be a New Beginning and Fresh Start, sometimes LATER is SOONER than We think on our Agendas. With that Thought in the Forethought of my Mind, One Practice I should have begun doing since Kindergarten Days circa 1957 is to keep better track of People I had met. All it would have taken is a notebook of paper. Especially so in my later teen years when I began to socialize more and ‘Make The Scene’ which ranged from Fashion to Music to Civic to Scholastic Circles. That way, I could have kept better Tabs on everyone who had given me their Cards.

Of course, back then (from 1965-1971) when I was somewhere close to or between 13-19, I really had no Thought of the importance of keeping business cards or numbers scratched out on a scrap of paper for future business endeavors. I had my select Circle of Friends and that ‘was it.’ We also didn’t have the Internet in which to keep in communicato much better than by mailing off a letter, postcard or yearly Holiday Wish. Today, with all those Modern Conveniences set in place as well as tele-cell-phones and delivery trucks & planes that deliver your VO: Valued Opinions within a few days, staying in contact and in-touch is easier than ever before. You don’t even need to leave home to do it. You have NO excuse.

Not only that, anyone can become an instant Sleuth or Sherlock and locate People from an earlier time, age and era. There are many more FOUNDS than LOSTS these days due to the Wonders of High Technology.

FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL: Breaking that Bad & Nasty Habit today may be the start of something much bigger and better in My Life. Since BLOGS give Individuals (of all Writing & Spelling Levels and Degrees) the Opportunity to communicate and connect with:

their Loved Ones;

Others they don’t know that well; and

even still Others who are rather unbeknownst to them who may be living worlds apart,

Kevin Bacon’s 6 Degrees of Separation should be at the 1.5-2 Mark by the Close of the Year. His Formula somehow has always amazed and amused me since he first set it loose.

As a Spin-Off of my First Blog, Chicagology 101 ® which ran on Winnipeg’s Hotels by City’s Website from January-May, 2007, promoting People (who deserve to be known and renown) has always been Centerfield in my Mind. Needless to say, Chicago is full of Great Talents in every Art that needs to be granted more Exposure than they (many times unfortunately) do not receive.

What could be better than to do this on the Date in which a very Dear & Precious Friend and major Music Talent, ZOEY (Buckley) appeared in my eMail Box? The last Time I heard or saw Zoey was in July of 1988. This Morning as I retrieved my Email, there was a Note from her! 19 years later, she still remembered! Thanks to the Internet and I would presume Google is where she found me – alive, well, playing and blogging in Chicago – although she moved Time Zones away back during the 1900s.

Therefore, for those of you who think SAVING CONTACT INFO is a great idea and not actually replete with Nuances and Overtones of Clutter, Disorganization or Pack-Rattedness, by all means begin to categorize your Network. Furthermore, tell your younger Friends, Daughters, Sons, Nieces and Nephews to keep those Cards, Phone Numbers and eMail Addresses in a sound and safe spot. After all, We’re all just an Enote away and you never know who is thinking about you…How nice is that. As nice as can be if you “ASK” me…

NOW: In my particular Breakdown of “Who’s Who” that I want to keep up with, I have my Categories broken into:

Personal, Business & Artists-You-Should-Know.

Being and having an in-depth Knowledge and feel for THE FINE & LIVELY ARTS, I know how to spot gifted Talent a mile away with 1 eye closed; the other one asleep.

In my initial Launch today of:


are 3 Chicago-based Artists whose Talents are universally appealing. Unfortunately, I did not begin collecting and saving their Names when I first entered the Art World in 1971 and attended my First Art Reception. If so, my List would (most likely) contain an infinite number of all-time Greats that span the World.

Better late than never…

But today, We are starting with 3 Great Talents based in Chicago (one of the Top 3 Cities in the continental USA) whose Works are so original and developmentally advanced that if you only had 3 Items in your Homes, these would be those. Therefore, feel free to visit their Websites and introduce yourself to REAL ART 24/7 with:

Christie Chew-Wallace ‘A Damn Fine Artist’

Sara Nadler, Original Fabric Creations. Muktropolis: A Haven for Handmade ®

Vanessa Walilko, Jewelry Designer


“Stay tuned for the Third of each Month in which I will again list the TOP ARTISTS I have met. If We only have One Life to live, it should be filled with the Best Art Life has to offer. You’ll find those Listings here.”

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Monday, December 03, 2007 – 2:24 PM CST

And, just think: You may never have to kick yourself again...

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Gianessa Designs said...


What a delight it was to meet you at the Cornelia Holiday Show. Talking with you was one of the highlights of my weekend. I'm honored that you'd post about me in your blog.