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1515 Words on Homelessness. The Obama Platform.

There is nothing better in our World than to see a Friend succeed. Especially one that is not only deserving, but one who has sacrificed so much (of themselves and their spirit) in order to realize that there are solutions and better ways of living a full and plentiful Life.
Barriers are bound to creep up in a person’s day that prevents them from doing this. The main Topic that can catastrophically cause a delay in one’s Achievement of their Dreams in every Culture around the World is:


For those who overcome (their Homelessness which can be caused by over 12 occurrences and accidents), they should be patted on the shoulder. The Story of Survival for Homelessness is a supposition and analysis whose Day has come, at long last.

“Life on the Streets” needs to be better explained in clear language that any person from 14 years and older can thoroughly understand. At this time many Americans are now facing Homelessness as never before and in greater numbers in our History.

The Correlation affects us all.

Homelessness is not only a catch-all for those who are addicted to alcohol, drugs or any other addictive material or behavior (as gambling, food, sex, etc.); women who are the victims of domestic violence; unemployment issues and/or age discrimination.
Today, too many people are not realizing the(ir) Dream. This phenomenon is classically known as ‘The American Dream’ but Homelessness is a global occurrence.

TO EXPLAIN: Many Individuals are (if they are working) live from paycheck to paycheck. If a few paychecks are missed, the Person (or family’s home) can be taken away from them. Foreclosures have never been as many or as rampant as they are in 2008.

ADDITIONALLY: Natural Disasters (as hurricanes, forest fires, mudslides, earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes) can rub out a town and destroy scores of families in a matter of minutes. What took decades to built can be devastated in moments. When Unemployment Numbers shoot up; people are sinking to a new all-time low of not being able to meet their escalating bills.

For THE HOMELESS who do have a car to sleep in, gas prices at the pumps are too high to keep their vehicle warm on a cold wintry night. Payments can be missed also for lack of an income and their vehicle (their roof) can be repossessed leaving only the Streets open to them in which to live. Homeless is not the way any of us should live Life.

For decades, the ordinary man believes shelters for THE HOMELESS are the ideal in-spot to be where they are taken care of and given a Second Chance. However, the real dynamics of what’s happening behind those doors, in church basements where scams are constantly being played with a person’s life, oft-times of those who already have addictions and who basically have given up or are (simply) tired of their given lot in life and current situation.

As Dorothy of Kansas in the Wizard of Oz had said:

Be it ever so humble… “there’s no place like home.”

Today, Sociology Classes at major Universities do not teach the absolute Truth about Homelessness.

One of the major Problems The HOMELESS confront today in their Search for Relief. Schools now teach that an Education will ensure that HOMELESSNESS does not ever occur. However, this is far off-target as details of preconceived notions of what HOMELESSNESS really is in the 21ST Century and how it’s treatment is only a band-aid for a festering problem.

THE HOMELESS Situation viewed in this dynamic of how close it is to each one of us or can be with so many people) does seem unconquerable. Solutions must be drawn on how this Crisis can be erased for AMERICANS and others caught up in this downward spiral.

No USA politician has yet addressed or devised a decisive PLATFORM to address Homelessness. A Voice of Reasoning and Deep Examination must be executed with a Program that employs a Legacy in the United States that can implemented to show to the World and regions where HOMELESSNESS occurs. This will substantially help prevent the USA from heading towards a 3RD World Country status by 2050.

If not for the Grace of G-d and various happenings (of fortune) that occur to us, We, too can be(come) HOMELESS. It is not just a condition that was only applied to drunks and junkies.

If a mother and father (who are both working) lose their job, within a short period of time, they can lose their home. Their home can be lost in a fire or to creditors.

They were ‘good’ people who played by ‘the rules’ with a reasonable monthly income and with an appreciative and healthy family, but a series of unfortunate incidents wiped them out. We see this all too often now on the daily televised news broadcasts.

And, for the most part, as we read the daily news and hear the televised broadcasts, this Social Situation is not getting any better. This growing roster of incidents that can quicken Homelessness surrounds us constantly. One day they have a shelter and the next, they don’t. We are really held hostage to the Forces that can turn a HOME into being HOMELESS.

Having a Home opens the door (we could say) to many Opportunities. A Home gives the person and (his/her) family a sense of pride and togetherness as well as Security, Security in which to be creative and ‘dream’ the AMERICAN DREAM. Creativity can be developed in a sunny room with big windows, a table, a chair, a box of crayons and a computer. Even one room can open up a new perspective to a person in making his/her day momentous.

Without a Shelter, Hopelessness and Despair sets in and destroys the Human Spirit.

The ‘Homeless’ State needs a driven, creative and determined Team of Experts to act as Stepping Stones in solving the HOMELESS Crisis (in all its manifestations). This horrific Affliction can gobble up the human spirit.. This undertaking will further shine as a Milestone as to what can be achieved by a determined Group whose goal is to empower those with an address of their own. From there, who knows what can be achieved. The sky is the limit is the cliché we can apply there.

“Homelessness can and does cross all age, color, religion, creed, social status brackets and does not discriminate. It takes hold and shakes the very Life and Breath out of a person within a matter of minutes or less with the result being perhaps years of renewal and/or a long and beleaguered come back. No one is really immune from the Exertion of HOMELESSNESS.

A viable Solution to an insolvable social issue is NEWS that makes headlines.

An interesting fact that most people do not realize is that after President Abraham Lincoln freed The Slaves, the Slaves (in a war-torn, bigoted 1860s) were suddenly made Homeless. Most people and students have never looked at History quite that way. I had always viewed it that President Lincoln (as a Great Humanitarian) freed a People from Oppression and the horrible Rigors that Slavery made. But then, after 40 years of Mis-Information (as I attended school from the late 1950s to 1974), my Viewpoint was suddenly shaken to realize that once the Emancipation Proclamation was endorsed, suddenly tens of thousands of people were ‘out on the land,’ alone by themselves, without a roof and in (perhaps) a more turbulent state than by being enslaved. Such is the case of any Exodus with any people – Jews, Blacks, White or any other shades between who have met with such Defiance.

Homelessness must be solved ONCE AND FOR ALL. It’s a Story that can be further immortalized as a TV or Movie Production in order for others to realize that reclaiming your Dream (for a fruitful Life) is not an Impossibility.

It is important to better understandwhat dynamics underlie those daily News Headlines that we hear about with every broadcast, every day. Homes are lost daily in an assortment of ways, but would it not be reassuring to know that the pitfall of being HOMELESS does not have to enter The Picture.


How many more empty buildings do we have to look at knowing that a Homeless Person or Family could be living there?

How many frozen bodies must we continue to find on Lower Wacker Drive till we decide they are worth saving?

How many squatters will we read about till we realize they, too, are looking for a warm home and a few creature comforts in which to live in a humane style?

To reiterate:

“There is nothing better in our World than to see a Friend succeed.”

and to offer a well-meaning and thought out Solution to an Issue that can either make or break a Society.

Being engaged, perceptive and critical in today’s ever-changing world will someday end Homelessness once and for all time. Together we can address that Issue.

After all's been said and done, the New Buzz Phrase should read as:

Homeless, not Helpless.


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