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From The Creator of: HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 on March 4, 2008 - 13TH Year Celebration

HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 slated annually for March 4
Celebrating its 13TH Year in 2008

They risk their Lives and Limbs for our Freedoms. Sometimes they lose both. This multi-level HOLIDATE employs the Act & Art of Writing and Visiting Veteran Hospitals. Activities are encouraged to be undertaken by those heading Synagogues, Churches & Schools to thereby salute our Military Branches today of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine and Navy. Combative Military Units are defending our Freedoms every Day across The World. Today (on the 62ND or 63RD Day of the Year, considering the Presence or Absence of Leap Year Day) they are saluted in a congenial way to lift their Spirits.

According to KOOPERSMITH, March 4TH is the only Date in Calendrical Time that is a Military Command as in ‘march forth.’ Technically at 3:04 AM and again at 3:04 PM, a Moment of Silence is observed for those who have lost their Lives in Battles, Conflicts and Wars and to remember those still in a defensive mode. The Traditional Events of Memorial Day, The 4TH of July, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day prevail, but ASK’s HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 may be the most resplendid HOLIDATE ever invented as it gracefully stands on its own Merits and leads in Popularity in ASK’s Top Ten HOLIDATES.

Apart from any other popular Event, Civilians (of all Ages) can fully commemorate HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 without leaving home by showing that they care in a wide variety of clever ways. Learning the important Lesson of Self-Sacrifice enforces this HOLIDATE’s lifelong Experience.


1. ASK (as a Contributor to your Publication) will scour her HUG A G.I. DAY ©1996 book and explain to your Readers how to PROPERLY celebrate this lively HOLIDATE that thoughtfully salutes our Military Personnel.

2. Assign one of your Senior Staff Writers to interview ASK regarding the 5W’s of Journalism and how she created this unique Event, now in its 13TH year.

3. By the same Token, you may wish to HIRE ASK for 2008 for your Publication in a Column called: ASK, THE EVENTOLOGIST ®.

4. For TV/Radio & Webcasts: Produce a Segment where ASK salutes Soldiers globally, bringing into the Studio some of our Men & Women serving in The Military who are home on leave. A huge Card can be set up in the Foyer/Lobby of the respective TV/Radio Station where ASK is holding and hosting this day-long Event. Later, this Card (with attached Photos and Messages) will be sent to Military Barracks after fully signed.

5. Invite ASK to read to your Classes and/or Social Clubs Excerpts of her 2006 HUG A G.I. Day ©1996 Book -- marking it's 10TH Year Eventological Anniversary.

6. Hug A G.I. Day ©1996 has been condensed into a 16-page Children’s Book, suitable for ages 3-8 in order for them to be properly introduced to the Eventological Style of Living Life in the 21ST Century. That Equation focuses on a healthier and wiser Outlook, instilling the Eight (8) Virtues that ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith inspires in others and promotes under the Auspices of:

The ART of EVENT-Making
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s Campaigns For Humanity ©1990.

An Assortment of Chicago Talent (Illustrators, Fine Artists, Water Colorists, Graphic Artists, Computer Graphic Artists and Cartoonists, as well as using ASK’s own Photographs) have been employed to illustrate said HOLIDATE ® according to Koopersmith’s specific Instructions. An astute Book Publisher (preferably from New York City) who has been in the Book Industry for 50+ years is currently being sought to distribute this poignant Series. Her ultimate Plan includes all 1,500+ of these classic, unique and original HOLIDATES, a complete Series (that fall into 35 specific Categories) and deluxe EVENT-O-PEDIA ® Set.


Booklets and/or Info Sheets are/were created for this and the other 1,500+ HOLIDATES (that are housed in 35 distinct Genres) and are updated regularly. ASK’s EVENT-O-PEDIA ® was released in 1997. Upon EVENTOLOGY’s 20TH Year Anniversary, another EVENT Encyclopedia will be published.

PREDICTIONS FOR 2008: According to ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH, Thematic Events are now aptly called:


This Concept is elaborated moreso in THE CHRONICLES OF EVENTOLOGY ® and is the Basis of KOOPERSMITH’s 1,500+ HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE. All HOLIDATES ® are meticulously placed on specifically chosen Dates of Appeal and specialized Seasons of The Year and have a decisive Theme and Drill that can be used for a wide Array of School Curriculums, Parties, Marketing Studies, Slow News Days, Social Clubs, Senior Citizen Gatherings, Radio & TV Programming, Life-in-General, etc.

Because People are partial and gravitate towards Themes (in which they can plan future Activities around), ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH’s HOLIDATES (that fall into 35 specific Categories) are ideal in which to layout a Calendar, an Editorial Month or a Family’s, Individuals’, Media or School’s Agenda.


All HOLIDATES ® are copyrighted, protected by Law and archived in Washington, D.C. since July 25, 1990 when EVENTOLOGY officially was launched. None of these Events can be used in any Form without notifying and gaining the Express Permission of its Creator and Author: ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH at:

Any Copyright Infringement of these HOLIDATES will be immediately turned over to Legal Prosecutors.

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