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Bee Movie Returns to Chicago 31 more Times!

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How to make BEE Movie into the Healthiest Addiction you’ve ever had or needed.

Dateline: Friday, June 6, 2008

Co-Written with: Klancy Perkins
Assistant to: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Nobody does ‘Chicago better’ than Mayor Richard M. Daley.
Nobody does ‘Movies better’ than Steven Spielberg.
Nobody does ‘Comedy better’* than Jerry Seinfeld.

With those Three (3) Conclusions firmly established, the 2008 MOVIES IN THE PARKS SUMMER SERIES will feature a Selection of Pop Culture Outdoor Flicks for Chicagoans, Suburbanites and Tourists that are FREE and BEE-gin at Dusk in 159 Locations (on Park District Turf & Territory).

My favorite Movies (BEE-sides BEE Movie) are the older Entries of:

BambiThe Wizard of Oz
Babe The Pig &
Forrest Gump

BEE MOVIE (released in October, 2007) will be featured, run and rerun at all of these Park Districts (conveniently located in Chicago and accessible by Rapid Transit (ie: CTA or Bus). This is an ideal Way to make positively sure you really travel the Distance by GOING GREEN and saving on Gas and Parking Expenditures.

ONE WOMAN’s INTERPRETATION: Viewing of Jerry Seinfeld’s BEE Movie will now zoom back to The Days of the once-popular, quaintly old-fashioned Outdoor Drive-In Make-out Movie Theatres of the Mid-1900s, that other Century where many of us were born and raised. This Impression has the Potential to leave the Viewer with a much different Vantage Point than if he/she/they were encased in an air-conditioned deluxe Movie Theatre Complex.

After all, ‘BEE-ing out in Nature’ where THE BEES actually live, call ‘Home’ and cross-pollinate will give The Viewer more of an authentic Feel to what is happening on the Golden Honey Screen. To elaborate, it’s more of a BEE’s Eye View than previous Accounts reveal.

The Dates of BEE MOVIE (as a collective whole) all BEE-gin on:

Friday, June 6 at Hale Park – 6258 West 62ND Street

Thursday, June 12 at Piotrowski Park – 4247 West 31ST Street

Monday, June 16 at Lincoln Park Cultural Center – 2045 North Lincoln Park West

Wednesday, June 18 at Hoyne Park – 3417 South Hamilton Avenue

Wednesday, June 18 at Winnemac Park – 5100 North Leavitt Street

Friday, June 20 at Munroe Park – 2617 West 105TH Street

Saturday, June 21 at Edgebrook Park – 6525 North Hiawatha Avenue

Wednesday, June 25 at Midway Plaisance Park – 1130 Midway Plaisance North

Thursday, June 26 at Dunbar Park – 300 East 31ST Street

Monday, June 30 at Brooks Park – 7100 North Harlem Avenue

Wednesday, July 2 at Chopin Park – 3420 North Long Avenue

Thursday, July 3 at Harrison Park – 1824 South Wood Street

Tuesday, July 8 at Smith (J. Higgins) Park – 2526 West Grand Avenue

Monday, July 14 at Chippewa Park – 6748 North Sacramento Avenue

Thursday, July 17 at O’Hallaren Park – 8335 South Honore Street

Friday, July 18 at Commercial Park – 1845 West Rice Street

Saturday, July 19 at Dvorak Park – 1119 West Cullerton Street

Monday, July 21 at 3312 West Thorndale Avenue

Tuesday, July 22 at Mann Park – 13000 South Carondolet Avenue

Tuesday, July 22 at Wrightwood Park – 2534 North Greenview Avenue

Thursday, July 24 at Pasteur Park – 5825 South Kostner Avenue

Tuesday, July 29 at Tarkington Park – 3344 West 71ST Street

Thursday, July 31 at Ken-Well Park – 2945 North Kenosha Avenue

Friday, August 1 at Norwood Park – 5801 North Natoma Avenue

Tuesday, August 5 at Graver Park – 1518 West 102ND Place

Friday, August 8 at Emmerson Park – 1820 West Granville Avenue

Friday, August 8 at Rosedale Park – 6312 West Rosedale Avenue

Monday, August 11 at Lake Shore Park – 808 North Lake Shore Drive

Tuesday, August 12 at South Lakeview Park – 1300 West Wolfram Street

Thursday, August 21 at Trebes Park – 2250 North Clinton Avenue

Saturday, August 23 at Skinner Park – 1331 West Adams Street

What a BEE Blast those Shows will BEE! Getting down and numerical: “31 is a Prime Number and BEE Movie is a Prime Production.” How many People will attend for the Summer Season has not been hypothesized yet nor how many Fans will return a ‘dozen’ times, at least, but Seat Counts are expected to be taken and that Figure should be available in the early Autumn, upon BEE Movie’s First Anniversary.


Hey, Chicagoans, why not host an entire BEE-op-alooza ® and dress up in Shades of Yellow and Black (in Spanish and French, it’s known as Amarillo & Noir) Stripes for the Event(s). ASK will BEE there with GORF, ‘Chicago’s First Green Mascot’ dressed as BEES as they did for the Movie’s Chicago Premier on Monday, October 1, 2007 along with another one of ASK’s prized TOYS, ET who was dressed in a Puppy’s Halloween Costume of a BEE, transforming him into a bonafide:


Yes, it did appear that ET had returned to EarTh (once again so many Decades later) for another Spielberg Film and to revisit those he left BEE-hind. Or as Punsters would ask: Is that Spiel-BEE-rg?

This Event (which headlined Jerry himself) was all captured by Entertainment Columnist and Radio/TV Personality, Bill Zwecker of The Chicago Sun-Times who (before Seinfeld’s Appearance) spoke to ASK & photographed her with GORF & ET-BEE at her Side for his Celebrity Column-Watch that appeared on Tuesday, October 2, 2007.

Now in Round 2, The BEE-Movement continues to cast its Charm towards new Viewers and delighting its former Fans.

[Bearing (BEE-ring) in mind Chicago is the 4TH Greenest US City]

After all, the Underlying Theme of BEE Movie is ‘if BEES were to disappear so would Our Planet, our only Home.” BEES are that vital and an integral Part of our Linkup to all other Creatures and the Eco-System. Destroying them means Suicide + Extinction.

GORF’s ribbiting Battle Cry is:
“Go Green, Black & Yellow”
GORF Quote of: Thursday, June 5, 2008 – 6:45 AM

NOTE: Other noteworthy Spielberg Movies for this Reeling Series include:

Shrek The Third
ET, The ExtraTerrestrial and

The Series runs through Saturday, August 30, 2008.

IT’s ALL THE BUZZ: Rumor has it that all 3 Dynamos (The Mayor, Steven & Jerry) will appear, pose and autograph Pix during The Intermission. Make it your Mission to take your Family and/or a ‘Honey’ of a Date to these Drive-In-Chicago-Style Flicks this Summer.

To clarify, that was My BEE-rogative (defined as: an intelligent Prerogative based in perfect BEE-ese, the Language of BEES). Because it’s such a great Marketing Idea + Photo Opportunity, you’ll often find these kind of Misperceptions online as Bloggers are aptly entitled to that Bout of Creative Exile or Slant. It could make News, newsier, as well as increasing the Blog’s Word Count significantly.

In case it rains or storms on the designated Evening that BEE Movie appears, don’t fret! BEES are grounded and naturally do not fly in Cloudbursts, but according to City Politics, some Parks will move their Films indoors if nasty Weather prevails.

Part of this Series can BEE contributed to PARKWAYS FOUNDATION. This Organization assists the Chicago Park District in “DREAMING BIG” through private yet generous Funding; thereby making a beneficial Influence on City Parks & Recreational Programs in The Windy City. Contact them directly at:

The Chicago Park District is online at:

Pick up your own Copy of 2008 MOVIES IN THE PARK, (the 12-Page, 9-colored Brochure) at area-land Libraries, Park District Field Houses, the Cultural Center (78 East Washington) and all Hotel/Motel Concierge Stands.

To reiterate, keeping true to form because Chicago ranks as the 4TH Greenest City in America, the Pamphlet is printed on 50% Recycled Paper (30% post Consumer Waste) with eco-friendly Inks.


BEE there.


“Stand-up (Pun intended), grab your Blankets, Mosquito Spray, Picnic Baskets (loaded up with Honey and Honey Cake) and head on out. After all, the more Times you see BEE MOVIE, the more you realize how relevant (as well as entertaining) it is Today to our World’s Survival. For Outdoor Fun throughout The Summer in The City, it doesn’t get any BEE-tter than this!”

Quote of: ASK
Thursday, June 5, 2008 – 7:02 AM CST

EDITORIAL NOTE: Reflecting on the Third Opening Sentence.
We could also substitute the Word: ‘Funnier’ in this particular Spot, but for the Purposes of Flow, ‘better’ was left in instead.

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