Monday, June 23, 2008

Rap-It-Up with GORF, The Green Movement's Pre-eminent Icon.

Koopersmithin' #65: The First bloGORF of The Summer, 2008

DateLine: Monday, June 23, 2008

Chicago (chicaGORF), Illinois: USA

"You have to stand for something to stand at all..."

GORF, The Green Icon is here to stay...
GORF, The Green Icon makes Recycling easy...
GORF, The Green Icon reminds us to Reuse...
GORF, The Green Icon says Littering is a Crime...
GORF, The Green Icon says to bike most the Time...
GORF, The Green Icon declutters his Messes...
GORF, The Green Icon exercises every Day...
GORF, The Green Icon plants a Tree regularly...
GORF, The Green Icon doesn't waste a Crumb
GORF, The Green Icon is a Friend to all...
GORF, The Green Icon leaps at Opportunities...
GORF, The Green Icon heeds Nature's Call.

Check out GORF's Images at Hotels by as well as his Commentary on Earth Day: 2007 @:

that is fully entitled as:

Chicagology 101: April 19, 2007 : Chicago Goes Green: #1 in a 3 Part Series slated for April 19-20-21 (Thursday-Friday-Saturday) celebrating Earth Week, 2007.


For more Information on GORF, The Green Icon (aka: "THE GRIN REAPER ®) and how you can (easily) play an important Part in keeping our Planet - our only Home - healthy, contact:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Keeper of The Frog, GORF
GORF Werks Central ®


2006-2016 which has been slated as:

THE DECADE OF THE FROG with GORF officiating



ASK’s Editorial Definition: A ‘bloGORF ®’ is a Blog about GORF.


1 comment:

Clarence said...


Thanks again for your insightful writing. Movements need strong symbols or icons around which supporters can rally and identify. GORF (the frog) is PERFECT for the role. Let's see more pictures of the little frog. I like him already. Best,