Friday, June 13, 2008

Koopersmith's International Skeptics' Days ©1995 takes a U-Turn.

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DateLine: Friday, June 13, 2008

Then there was the Day I woke up so self-confident and self-assured, I bought Ten (10) One Dollar Lottery Tickets of the very same Set of Numbers. The Nightly Drawing for Friday, June 13TH stated $56 Million was up for Grabs for the Illinois Mega-Ball Game – a Bi-Weekly Bet-a-Thon that happens in the Heartland. I felt 'grabby,' not crabby and thought I’d ‘try’ my Luck. That was Sign #1. After all, my next Big Birthday Bash is going to be celebrated in 56 more Days on August 9TH. Strategically, I marked the numbers:

8, 9, 17, 52, 55
with the Mega Ball as 40

for my Lucky Picks.

Who would I share this 10-Way Diversion with? That Allotment could process many Dreams.

ANSWER: Well, let's see. At this Age, there have been Aliases, Non de Plumes, Secret Admirers and Imaginary Characters that have shared a Host of Trials + Tribulations (as well as Highlights & Spotlights) with me - no matter what the pre-conditions were.

Their Grand Payoff would, indeed, surprise them because Generosity & Charity do begin at 'Home' as the Stroll to the Bank gets underway.

Sign #2: What could be more cosmic than Winning The Lottery on Friday, the 13TH, a Date I helped to immortalize in the late 1900s - circa 1995 to be exact -- with my Creation of:


some 13 years ago. You do not have to be skeptical or superstitious to gamble or play The Lotto. It's merely a matter of Personal Choice, Finances, Time and Riskola ® that are Four (4) Key Elements that affect our Days, every Day.

As for my Contemporary and Current Comments on the Topic and Subject Matter of Skepticism (that I am often asked about in International Radio Interviews which include VOA: Voice of America) and how I have spiritedly grown the last 13 Years which amounted to 42 International Skeptics' Days (as it is a Floating Holidate) to date:

Well, it's like this: “The older a Person grows, the more reluctant s/he is to feel about the Changes 'change' make. Skepticism grows proportionately after Age 5 and significantly increases as the Years on The Planet fade or quickly decrease. The Tables turn. Cynicism lurks at the ForeFront, becoming Skepticisms’ Bed-Mate.”

Quote of: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
‘America’s Premier Eventologist’
Creator of 1,700 HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE since July 25, 1990
Founder: International Skeptics Day ©1995
Friday, June 13, 2008 – 12:30 PM


Sharing that Mega Loot with the Assortment of Aliases I've encountered the last 55 years seems ’The Write' Thing to do - as well as an Eventological Rite of Passage for creating and promoting a Topical Event as this. Spreading the Wealth takes the overbearing Burden from the Science of Skepticism.

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