Monday, October 19, 2009

Peddling into 6 Figures. It can be done....

Chicago, IL USA:

Monday, October 5th was a Biking Milestone as is today: Monday, October 19th -- some 2 weeks ago. And, if the Speedometer was really on track - as it may be about 6 miles off the beaten track, the Milestone of

3500 Miles

peddled from May 29, 2008 to now has been achieved.

All within 2 weeks time. That's a great record to hold and boast about, considering the Weather Chicago experiences.

While having to take public transportation on Saturday, I found that it's a greater inconvenience than necessary. A north bound train had to be rerouted to go 4 stops south, before customers - call them riders -- had to reboard and head north on another Train that was destined to go back to the very spot where the southbound fiasco began.

Where would I have been at this time if enbiked on the road? About 1 mile north and closer to my destination with an extra $2.25 in my pocket. Now, you can see why I prefer biking over any other kind of travel. Time and Money are 2 commodities most are short of these days -- and one that is enpowered if you ONLY bike your days away.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

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