Tuesday, October 27, 2009

She didn't die in vein...

Chicago, IL USA: But then again, she was far to young to die AT ALL. Such is the universal feeling for the Murder of Miss Somer Thompson who was walking to school last week in a small quiet Floridian Town when she was grabbed and murdered. A total heart-ache, the story made national news as a country again is startled at what has become ALMOST a daily occurrence. This, of course, is different from inner city shootings and killings of Students going and coming from school, but then again, these acts are the taking of Life, which is not condonable.

Therefore, I sent my:

of October 22, 2009 (that was merely posted on my Blog here 5 days ago)


President Barack Obama.

I've always been known to take my projects to the TOP. It stated:

Dear President Obama: The Murder of the Child, SOMER THOMPSON is an atrocity that must be stopped once and for all. I strongly feel I have a terrific idea on how to HELP KIDS HELP themselves as they travel (on a bike) through Life. It is posted on my blog and follows for your serious Consideration. On behalf of billions of people across the planet, I thank you. After all, we Adults who (were once children) ‘made it’ were the fortunate ones.

For those who wish to get involved in The Crusade -- as a major Bike Manufacturer -- should be involved as well as moneyed moguls who can foot the bills, as well as a Venture Capitalist who wants to work closely with me -- to develop the Concept furtehr as I devise the Literature, the time is now.

Merely email me at:


to discuss this further. A day of good news would be such a welcome(d) change.

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