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The Scriptapalooza Announcement 1000s have been waiting for…

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eMedia Release: The Scriptapalooza Announcement 1000s have been waiting for…

DateLine: Friday, July 23, 2010 – 11:30 AM

Chicago, IL USA: The day has finally arrived. A day that some people – Creatifs (so we are definitely in a league of our own) – have waited for since…well, for some of us, a lifetime(to say the least). For the mathematicians ‘out there’ in cyberspace amongst you reading this missive, you can contact those lucky folks yourself directly and find out the particulars – the 6 W’s of Journalism (being who, what, when, where, why and website). What am I alluding to now in this mysterious manner and matter?

You may not have heard.

Today is July 23, 2010, the 204TH day of 2010 and one that will go down in Movie Making History as it is officially Announcement Day for:


being held by Mark Andrushko, President and Genevieve Cibor, Vice President whose goal is to nurture and create opportunities by launching the career of diligent writers into a career that can be(come) limitless in the years to come. As excitement rises, the First Phase of their Announcements of those very Winners for 2010 is today - a 3-Part Series with more winners being announced on July 30TH and lastly on August 15TH.

3541 Entries or Submissions arrived by the specific deadline dates. Spec scripts about every topic under the sun and in every genre – even some genres never heard or seen before from places far, far away from the hub-bub of Tinseltown, sunny California – Hollywood where their Power Plant – Scriptapalooza Central operates from.

What’s different from this competition is that Mark scours, networks and finds people in The Movie Industry that can move his contestants products – i.e.: their scripts, especially if they are not represented by a literary or talent agency, manager or legal team.

Oh, it’s nice if Mom, Aunt Nelly, your town’s baker and your first grade teacher all like your movie idea, but face it, they definitely cannot make it into the blockbuster you think it should ‘writely’ be. However, they can help you physically move into larger confines with a palacial view and invite their friends to its premiere/opening matinee and ultimately buy its DvD. Every person has a place and duty when it comes to movie viewership. When you seriously think about the process:

Lots of time, talent and expertise went into this competition, I just must tell you, on both ends. To me, that calls for a story in and of itself – even perhaps a book (which of course, could be turned into a made-for-TV-movie).

Historically, Scriptapalooza has been steadily growing year-by-year since 1998 when Mark started ‘The Competition’ as many of his friends found it difficult to connect with those in the Industry who could break a Script.


Lots of hopeful people entered Scriptapalooza. But hope doesn’t make Hollywood what it is today. Entertainment is a business and a big business at that! Numerically, there are some villages (across our granite planet) that don’t even have a demographic of 3541 living inhabitants within their confines. There are some ambitious writers who entered more than 1 script which did help the Industry Professionals realize that there ‘might be a sequel here in the making.’ There are stories to these stories as each page unfolded.

After all, isn’t it fun to revisit ‘The Character’ we initially like and grew fond of? Me in particular? I love seeing what those characters are doing years or even decades down the line.

Have they matured?
Do they have the same issues and problems?
What then can the new story line be?
Has it kept up with current pop culture stances?

Line-after-line; month-after-month; page-after-page; and scene-after-scene, these Industry Professionals read and studied these scripts in order to pick out the Quarterfinalists and on today of all days:

July 23, 2010 – a Friday in July – the 30TH Friday of the year, at that, that Selection was announced.

And those brad (manufacturing) companies saw a boom in sales. Who says manufacturing is dead in America. It just might be a wise idea to buy stock in them for 2011’s Competition since Scriptapalooza is not only making a name for itself, but giving once-frustrated writers a chance to see their goals-come-true. But then, on second thought, many writers are entering their scripts electronically so:

1) there is no waiting in line at the post office to mail the parcel;

2) ink & printing costs are saved;

3) paper supplies are reduced; and

4) brads eventually become a fastener of ‘the Past’ (a hot commodity for eBay enthusiasts)

Next Friday on July 30TH the Semi-Finalists will be announced.

On Sunday, August 15, 2010 the winner who receives $10,000 (first prize and what a nice surprise that is) and the runners-up will be announced.

A NOVEL PREDICTION (we could say):

There’s going to be a lot of happy writers ‘out there’ and in the years to come, many pleased movie goers. All thanks to Mark & Genevieve and their drive to find the best Scripts the 21ST Century has to offer.

As Mark from his Headquarters in Hollywood ever so humbly stated after he announced the Quarterfinalists around 10:31 AM CST:

“It wasn't us, the production companies made all the decisions for the Quarterfinalists.”

What’s also startling but oh-so great about Mark & Genevieve’s competition ‘Scriptapalooza’ (and you gotta love saying its name fast) is that from this point on in fleeting time, they promote all those winning Scripts to Movie Industrialists for a solid year. No other competition does this for their winners. This is hard work. However, that’s how characters become a ‘household’ name in the entertainment world and wedge their way into our hearts, minds, souls and become the bases for popular culture.

Having headed my own PRAM: Public Relations – Advertising – Marketing Group for many years, it should be noted that that gesture amounts to tens of thousands of dollars. Recognition alone is enough, but an ongoing promotion like this is only icing (and how sweet it is) on the cake – proverbs aside, of course. Not only that, most screenwriters do not have access to these Movie Industry Professionals who are busy producing or the directors who are busier directing or the studios that are knee-deep in turning out and critiquing the next big box office sensation(al smash).

HOW THE SCENARIO GOES: Here you are – a bona fide Scriptapalooza winner – and while you’re soundly sleeping at night with visions of the red carpet dancing in your head; having a V8 or sunning on the back veranda reading your favorite movie mag (perhaps yours!), Mark & Genevieve are ‘out there’ working on your behalf. What a great feeling. Ah, there’s nothing better than teamwork-in-action.

And now, without further adieu to see who those talented and illustrious Winners are, just P&C Point & Click your way over to:

And I’ll see you in line. “Get your thumbs ready” as Roger Ebert says. In the meantime, I have plenty of Tweets to send out as this is ‘Absolute News’ worth reporting. Oh, yes, by the way, check out Scriptapalooza’s FaceBook & Twitter Accounts:

Oh, yes, by the way, check out Scriptapalooza’s Website at:

and their FaceBook & Twitter Accounts at:

as the excitement continues building across the Planet, story-b(u)y-story. And a 2-Thumbs Up for the Dynamics that make Scriptapalooza the Entity it is today in Literature & Motion Picture Avenues.

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