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On The ART of Proofreading. A superb Proofreader lends her Skills to your Project.

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On The ART of Proofreading

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Because I have been writing since I learned the alphabet in second grade (oh-so many moons ago), I developed the instinct and ability/agility to be able to spot a typo with one eye closed and the other lid half-way closed.  Armed with this skill (I won’t go as far as to call it a ‘talent’ as it is more of a useful aid), I am applying for the position of Freelance Proofreader.  It may be an unknown, inherited gene I received at birth.  No one took the time to ask why, but I’m still puzzled and wrestle with this act(ion) every day.


One point (which I find amazing) is that before the advent of computerization, proofreading was not that highly regarded.  Sure, you would find or spot a typo and report it; correct it or pat yourself on the back.  However, these days, passwords must be carefully typed in; otherwise, the info will not appear. What is more frustrating than that?   There are very few other things that I can immediately recall that give me such inner turmoil.   


Now, may I ask you:  When was the last time an ‘n’ looked like an ‘r’ or a ‘1’ resembled a ‘l’?  Go ahead.  You can admit it.  We’re all friends here.  We have no secrets.


Therefore, it is safe to say that: 


The job of a proofreader is very important. 


The job of a proofreader is unending and especially so in a world where Info is Kingdom and Context is the written word, info, data and all of the aforementioned. 


The job of the proofreader may be the most underrated in the world, but there is nothing more elegant than a product whose brand takes pride in what is said clearly and succinctly due to the finesse that proofreader has taken and displayed. 


Today, it’s easier than ever before to spot errors or abnormalities on a page or screen.  To  the rushed personality,  these can be overlooked.  A simple phone call can draw the person away from a possible mistake that he/she did not catch. However, the goal of most  savvy person(alities) is that they wish ‘to make a first impression great. ’ This is a goal because a perfectly read page can open doors – doors of opportunity that will be beneficial to all three (3) parties: 


The Proofreader – his/her Company – their Client.


Satisfaction guaranteed...


A funny story with a vital moral is that one of my newest LinkedIn friends is a terrific author and award-winning journalist. No, that’s not the funny part.  It’s coming up soon.  Last evening, I picked up his book to read.   Yes, that was during the election results.  I could not put it down (really) and by the time I got to page 106, I had spotted five (5) glaring errors.    The horrific thing is that he had a New York City Book Publisher on 6TH Avenue.  There was NO excuse for this whatsoever.


After I read the complete book, I’ll send my corrections to him although the book may now be out-of-print because it’s rather dated.  He is writing its sequel. He will need a proofreader for that compilation.


THE LESSON TO BE LEARNED:     If you are a NBP:  Natural Born Proofreader as I am, it does come with a curse.  Don’t scratch your head on this one as my reasoning is very simple, yet firm and to the point.  Imagine this if you will:  You’re reading a terrific book, you’re sailing along and there you go:  Fall and tumble/stumble upon a glistening typo, grammatical error or mistake.  Your thinking is thrown off.  You are not concentrating on the story line  now because a proofreader was not used to find a(ny) mistakes that may have gone-by unnoticed. 


Yes,  I will admit it.   My Reading is hampered because I am now cursed by being able to ‘proof + read’ so well.  The only benefit I get from my efforts is the satisfaction in knowing that I have made the world a little bit clearer in understanding what is and was to be said.  And with that, I can sleep well at night.


And with that said, if you wish to review my latest Resumé, please let me know and I’ll send it to you.  I would relish the chance to speak to you about a Proofreading employment opportunity at your Organization.  Even Authors need another set of eyes.  Mine are here to help you.  I’m available 24/7; on weekends; holidays and whenever something needs to be done.  It’s a service I enjoy doing and hope we can work together in the near future. 

( 847-448-0544
Li: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith





$1.50 per Page and/or Book Page


Flash Drive Copy

$2.00 per Page / ‘Screen’ Page


50% Prepaid

Balance due at end of Reading & Proofing.


100 Pages are perfected /read per day.


Certified Check only made payable to: 
Adrienne S. Koopersmith


Rush Jobs = $100 Add-On
(payable at the time of your 50% Prepayment)



“Don’t embarrass yourself. 

If you’re a Professional Writer, no Errors are allowed.

You don’t have a Second Chance to make a great First Impression.”



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