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What KEVIN A. DAVIS writes, you must read. Comments about DEFENDING THE DAMNED.

ASK ON ONE HELL OF A BOOK.  I finished reading Kevin A. Davis' book, entitled:


DEFENDING THE DAMNED.  Here's my statement.  Although I tried to be brief, this is one topic that never ends.  Kevin's Works are beyond Words as he has touched a vein that affects all of humanity: 






The ironic part of this story (amongst stories as each character brought their own tale of victory or victimization to each page that Mr. Davis wrote) is that another ending – possibly far into the future – can be told.  That other ending can enfold and unfold as NOW so many others (who have read and deciphered this hidden message) can really see and know what is happening in our judicial system(s).  A system that doesn’t fall for the ying-yang of what life brings – in a topsy-turvy world that is still so diversified and openly discriminatory.  Where fair depends on how much money you have and have-nots are shunned regardless of how good they are to their mamas and families.  Where good vs. bad can depend on what side of the street you live, but one in which if you wait long enough, CHANGE will certainly take place and proof (like cream and DNA) rises to the top.  This Story – this Truth - does not end for any of us, but looms in front of us, knowing it won’t go away.  This plus puts hope into the lives of so many. 


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Davis’ DEFENDING THE DAMNED ©2007 is actually a must-read for anyone who seeks the truth.  It’s a book that bears reading a few times in order to grasp what it says while it instills more ideas about our justice and/or injustice system.  By itself, it could become a BOOK CLUB Favorite as there are so many angles that can be discussed.  Change your life; makes you think about the reality that can be right outside your doorway or outback in your alley. Fate is that close-by.  Put a relaxant on discrimination.  It is about time. 


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