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The easiest Step to take to get your MOVIE SCRIPT discovered.

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ASK/Chicago on:   Attn:  Screenwriters and Story Tellers.  I figured it out.  Finally.  That age old problem of how to get   discovered B-4 U become 2 old, antiquated & demented.  Here’s 1 way that may have startling, if not brilliant results.   

There is an excellent directory called:  LMP that stands for Literary Market Place that is printed annually (with updates) in 3 different sections. Volume 1 lists literary agents.  While you’re busy, writing away, it’s reassuring to know (in the back of your mind) that someone has an interest in your material and is ‘out there’ WORKING 4 U on your behalf.

 Using this as my Strategy as the year draws to an end, I decided to make a change; take the plunge and connect with some of them while developing my email list to include these heavy hitters.

Needless to say there are hundreds of literary reps, all being unique in what genres they deal (with).

However, some of them are also concerned about film, movie and foreign rights, which is what we screenwriters need in order to place our W&W:  Works & Words.  The larger libraries most often keep the latest version of LMP – in their reference department.  It can never be checked out, but you’ll be awed by what you see within those directories. 

There are also publishers and contests to enter if you think your Piece really rocks and you want to get MORE mileage from it. 

I’m just concerned now with placing iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS ©2009, my 2010 Scriptapalooza Intl Screenplay Competition Winner (that beat out 3164 other scripts).  Then, I’ll sleep better at night.  You may have written something that needs its break as well.   

It’s well worth your time sitting down and pulling out the names/contacts you need.  Each listing tells a very small description that you can apply to your work to see if there is a ‘fit.’  It’s challenging, but well worth the effort. All it takes is a single email submission query and there’s no telling what will begin to happen for you come 2013. 

LMP is online at:

Give it a try – I dare yea. 

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