Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blasting out of 2012 to New Frontiers. ASK's Countdown to 2013.

ASK's COUNTDOWN TO 2013:  2012: 

The Year of Facebook. 

So many social connections between this 1, LinkedIn & Twitter, I barely make it out of the door these days.  Too busy typing away & staying connected.  Whoever invented 'copy + paste' should get 'The Award Of The Century.'  That device has saved me hours & hours of time in which I can spend doing other things  that I put off like domesticated chores...but that's OK.  We're living in a new Day n Age.  This is not your Grandma's P.C., Boys & Girls. That's not your Uncle's Journal - it's now a Blog - of which I penned 159 entries this year.  Tht's almost 1 a day.  The Vitamin of Writers is what we could call this for sure.  On that note, it's time get ready 2 welcome in a whole New Year...1 that I hope finds U, Dear Facebook Friends & Family in a peaceful & happy place! Happy 2013 to you and yours.  Let's do it all over again next year!

Cheers, ASK:
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