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Looking to produce an ANT Movie? Check out ASK's LogLine ANTS-travaganza!

ASK’s 7-Part Literary & Cinematic Series

I’m ADRIENNE SIOUX KOOPERSMITH, a Natural Born Writer from age 5 on who is known by my Initials: ASK.  Chicago has been my Base of Operation since 1974.  The Media (composed of ‘Fellow Writers’) has given the Titles of:  America’s Premier Eventologist’ & ‘The Premier Eventologist in the History of the World’ to me; thereby, affording me with Name Recognition on TV, Radio, the Press & throughout the Web. Whereby many People are voracious Readers, I’m a voracious Writer who has penned what’s comparable to 50 B&&KS and 1,900 HOLIDATES via the Genre I call EVENTOLOGY.  


Since January 29, 2009, I’ve been drafting a Series of Movie Scripts (from pre-penned Manuscripts) whose Aim is to eliminate Racism as seen through the Eyes of TOYS (depicting Animals that are tens of millions of years older than Man himself; therefore, hailed as true Survivors), the Bi-Product of any Animated Feature.  My 7-Part STORY-B&&K-Series is called: 




iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS,’  (my Third Script in this multi-tiered Sequel) rose through the ranks and files to become a Scriptapalooza International Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalist Winner in 2010, beating out 3,164 others. 


LogLine #1 reads as:


ANTS: You can’t domesticate an ANT. Born to bug. Born to picnic. Born to invade. Born to endure. Appearing 130 million years ago to now set a Prime Example in my Featured Scripts and Manuscripts, THE ANT is the most underrated and misunderstood Insect on the PLANET.  Like Dogs, every ANT should get its Day. No longer the UnderDog, it’s the UNDERANT (not to be misconstrued with UNDERPANTS) whose Time has arrived.  Research their Activities (that’s ANTIVITIES) to see how industrious and deserving they are.  After all, look about you.  Look around. We are all ‘iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS.’ Who’s the real Pest? Let this serve as a Warning:  Watch (very carefully) where you step.


For the record, LogLine #2 further relays:  Meeting GiANT at the Muckety-Muck THE ANTS OF PROVANTS begin an ANTVENTURE where Mother Nature and Father Time explain 3 Mystifying Lessons that transcend every Species here on PlANeT Earth.  CHARACTANTS (as they are fondly called) is the Word I created and coined to encompass this Sphere.  Wordicologists will smile and marvel at the clever 245 word ANTABULARY (the ANT’s SLANT dealing with their Vocabulary) that draws the Reader in to this Kingdom or ANTDOM.  Aesopian in nature, iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS also inspired me to compose the ANTHEM (Theme Song which could have aptly been called ANTICIPATION honoring Carly Simon’s 1971 Hit, but quite simply put ‘ANTHEM’ fit much better).  As Two (2) Scripts and Two (2) Manuscripts integrate and merge here, iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS emerges with Valuable Lessons as to what really matters in and throughout Life. All Creatures (both ‘Big & Small’ in whatever Shade of SKiN they are in) weed their Ways through the Complexities of Ironies and Mixed Signals striking us every Day, not knowing that these will leave a deep and indelible Impression. 


To brand them further, THE ANTS OF PROVANTS have their own Acronym (that has become the Script’s Subtitle), a first for their Phylum in their Life Cycle of 130 million years which will be unveiled in ‘due time.’


To cash in on my well-deserved ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ Title, I have boldly proclaimed ‘August is ANT Appreciation Month ©2010’ in order to further brand their Appeal and ANTICS.  Yes, ANTS do get in your Blood, as all memorable STORieS should.

IN CLOSING: Just as there is a lot going on ‘around’ you, there is also a lot going on ‘below’ you. Below your feet.  Below the carpet.  Below the baseboards.  Below the sidewalk. Way below the concrete. ‘Down there’ in a place where few Humans have dared to venture. There are EVENTS happening ‘below’ that you would never believe are occurring, ever. Not even in a million years…if not longer, much, much longer.  iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS©2009 is a STORY  where THE  ANTS defy any ANTAGONISTS who confront them, clearly befriending thousands of ANT SCIANTISTS ANT Lovers and Enthusiasts (that’s ANTHUSIASTS, you know) across the World Wide ‘Web’ and all Social Networks.  The Study of ANTS is called Myrmecology and Myrmecologists at large and small clearly CAN’T be wrong. 

As for being an ANT OF PROVANTS:  It’s a Picnic worth attending till the Cows come home!


Now, I ASK you: 


Can We learn lots of invaluable Lessons from the ANTS?

Can ANTS entertain ‘The Masses?’

Can We generate lots of Jobs for People by producing iN THE COMPANY OF ANTS?

Can We ANTEREST a Global AUDIANTS with regards to the Marketing of a vast ASSORTMANT of ANT Products? 

Can We have lots of FUN with ANTS?

Can We tell a STORY that’s never been told before?


Together, We surely can.




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