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The Dronification of Childhood: A Study in PoLP Literature as introduced by ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith, 'America's Premier Eventologist' - Chicago, Illinois USA. SUBTITLE: How Halloween plays an incremental and instrumental Role in the Manufacturing of Techno-Age Drones.

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Is it cold, snowy and windy out where you live today? Simply too blustery to even want to begin thinking about leaving the Warmth of your Homestead? To top that off you’d shatter since you don’t to wreck your pricey Halloween Costume on a frozen Evening like this. What can be done to remedy this Situation happening to so many people as global warming is chilling too many of us, especially those who live in Chicago, renamed as CHILL-cago. As a Resident of Chicago for 40 years now, as of 2014, I know too well how bone-chilling that Experience can be. Since Mother of Invention does come in handy at times…like times as these, I came up with a  known Solution that will solve many a Problem and probably more as We as a New Society are ‘prone to drone®.’

Just send out (Full Batteries included) your Halloween Drone from door-to-door, up and down your block, for starters or from doorstep-to-Doorstep.  This work on 2 Principles.  The Drone will either pick-up Goodies from Neighbor’s Front Porches; the modified High Tech Models can now ring mechanically say “BOO!” and then load up (up to 500 Pounds of pre-packaged Morsels) in a fully equipped Drone Trunk.  This is undoubtedly Dentist’s Dream come true as his Appointments increase by 300% in November due to Halloween Candy Consumption. 

At this time of year (when We harvest our Neighbors Kitchens and Pantries for Candy & Sweet Confections) for those who won’t leave home due to inclement Weather, it’s a Drone-come-true.  A Luxury Model is programmable to pick up Goodies in Beverly Hills, The Left Bank in Paris, the Fashion Houses in Milan, the Diamond Streets of Amsterdam and every other chic chic Parts of the World, thousands of miles away from your Doorstep.  This also allows others in various Corners of the World to celebrate HALLOWEEN by having their Drones visit your Household.  For those equipped with high-powered Cameras, this is yet another wondrous Page for National Geographic Fans and Followers.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.


And think about it?  Can Droned Groceries be far behind?  We at Splurge Central think this is probably the best Invention since the last Best Invention was invented.    


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