Friday, October 3, 2014

Watching What Whoopi Wears From The Knee Down. What will Whoopi (Goldberg) wear next? The Shoe Splurge gone wild!


#NationalSplurgeDay’s The Daily Splurge #105 for Friday, October 3, 2014 is concerned with the Question of:  Can a SPLURGE takes over your Life? The Answer emanating from SPLURGE CENTRAL is:  Yes! And on many different Fronts.  That can and does happen more often than you think.  It’s happened to me.

Now, We will research another Question: 

Q:  Are Shoes a leading SPLURGE Product?

To take this to a Personal Level, my Daily SPLURGE is reporting and relaying what The Daily Splurge is, can be, should be and ultimately will go into History ‘as.’  SPLURGING is highly dependent on you and your likes/dislikes.  But I’ not the only one.  As much as We Humans think We are extraordinarily special, We are notreally…at all, for that matter.


There are only so many Objects to SPLURGE on, about and over and for the most part, those Manufacturers know they are IN DEMAND.  That’s a Nice Place to be on the Marketing & Merchandising Higherarchy, which is spelled (or respelled) that Way for the most obvious of definitive Reasons.  One of the Items Womankind demands in her Creature Comforts (except for certain Aboriginal Tribes around the World who are shoeless that you may easily google for the particulars) is a comfortable Pair of Shoes.  Sometimes, we will even forfeit the ‘Comfort Factor’ to look oh-so extremely stylish.    

Women stuff their Footies into High-Heeled Stilettos at all times of the Day with these stunning Styles found online, on the pristine Fashion Pages and at our (very) Feet.


“We cannot leave the house without wearing Shoes.  They are just that important in the Planning of our Day.  That’s a complete Understatement.”

Quote of ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Studios 1258 & 1437

Chicago, IL USA


But who can We emulate when it comes to finding the right Shoe(s) for us?  You cannot help but watch what the Stars and Celebrities are wearing as they serve as Role Models.  One of my Faves for Decades is the incomparable Whoopi Goldberg.


“Why?” you may ask.   Because Whoopi goes out of her Way. She cares.  She feels.  By the same token she is funnier than ____ and funny makes us laugh.  We remember those who make us laugh.  It’s a carnal thing, inherent in Man.   Ms. Goldberg helped me out for my Project: Helping Hand ©1991 that was Part and Parcel of my Cartoonists Against Crime Crusade ©1991 and drew a Hand (hers, of course) over 20 years ago.  Eventologists do not forget kind Gestures.    


Furthermore, Ms. G. is a Total Individual with her own unique Flair  and she lets no one else dictate what she wears, thinks or does.  Within reason, of course and within the law.  “Now on Facebook, Whoopi shares with her 866,287+ Fanbase, the Shoes she’s wearing on THE VIEW, via a Daily Photo that I label as:  From The Knee Down. 



To further increase this Opportunity for all the Shoe Hobbyists and Lobbyists who are

4W: Watching What Whoopi Wears ©2014

From The Knee Down,


I’m proposing a Digitized Game every time we click onto Facebook where We Rate-A-Shoe Whoopi is wearing like this:

We type in the Dialog Box: 


Whoopi! If the Shoe is worthy of a 10 (the Highest Shoe Score you can score);

Whoe! If the Shoe is worthy of a 5 (the Medium Shoe Score you can score for a Shoe that is sort-of liked); and

Whoops! If the Shoe is unworthy of any Number, it will receive a 0 [zero], the lowest Shoe Score Grade almost hardly worth a Score). 



This will give Manufacturers an Inkling into what the Women want to be seen in.  ‘Whoopi Wears’ will  initiate the Start-up to design for the active Shoe Wearer whoever she is, whether she is on the Big Screen, TV Screen  (as Whoopi is) or behind a PC or Mac Screen, Shoe Screenings (as I am and most likely you are).  Going VIRAL,  this could become as popular as a Tupperware® Party and/or Shoe-mongous® Board Game.  Cards anyone? 


Yes, The Daily Splurge ©2014 has become a regular Feature now in my Life as National Splurge Day ©1994 is technically an international HOLIDATE and Phenomena on a multitude of Levels.  Inventing HOLIDATES like this just might help out our local and online Shoe Designers and Makers, lending a Helping Hand to Old Gepetto and the Newer Blood on the Proverbial Block. Let’s Step that one up…


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