Monday, February 25, 2008

Direct Auction Galleries - Chicago's Favorite Buyer's Playground & Paradise. February, 2008 Update

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Chicago, Illinois USA

DATELINE: Monday, February 25, 2008

On Tuesday, January 8TH, I posted the First BLOG about one of my favorite Places in Chicago:

Direct Auction Galleries, Inc.

Since that time, The Modicas have sent scores of Colorful Postcards to me with more Goods and Goodies to buy. Attempting to keep up with them, I have revised that Listing for those of you who enjoy the Art of Shopping for Quality & Pretty Things, while getting a Deal and a Luxury all within the same Visit.

That new and improved list now includes:

Alabaster Busts, Albums, Armchairs, Artist’s Easels, Autographed Photographs, Bars & Stools, Beds (Carved), Baseball Cards, Baskets. Benches, Bone China, Books (Bookends & Bookcases), Boxes, ‘Brass,’ Bronzes, Cabinets/ Cabinetry, Cameras, Candelabras, Carpets, Carved Griffins, Cases, Chandeliers, Chests, China, Clock Sets, Coins, Collector’s Plates & Spoons, Curiosities, Desks, Dining Room Table & Chair Sets, Disco Balls, Display Showcases, Double Gates, Dressers, Drum Tables, Duck Decoys, Etchings, Figurines, Fireplace Accessories, Fireplace & Folding Screens, First Editions, Flatware, Grandfather Clocks, Jewelry (as: Bangles, Bracelets, Costume, Earrings, Rings, Necklaces, Pocket Watches and Wristwatches), Leaded Glass, Lecturns, Lighters, Lighting Fixtures, Love Seats, Masks, Memorabilia, Mirrors, Movie Stills, Mugs, Musical Instruments, Music Boxes, Oriental/Persian (and not-so-Perisan) Rugs, Paintings, Pedestals, Photo Albums, Pianos, Porcelains, Posters, Purses (including Antique), Records, Ruby Glass, Sconces, Sculptures, Sewing Machines, Soapstone, Ship Models, Sports’ Cards, Stands, Sterling Silverware, Steins, Still Life(s), Street Signs, Swords, Tapestries, Tea Sets, Tiffanies, Timepieces, Toys, Track Lighting, Trading Cards, Tramp Art, Upholstered Benches, Urns, Victorian Washstands, Vintage Hats/Clothing, Wall Units, Wedgwood, Wrought Iron Fences, and World War II Artifacts.

There are LOTS OF LOTS to be found at "Direct."

If you wish to read the entire copy and comment on it, said BLOG is found at:


7232 North Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60645 USA

(773) 465-3300

Don't miss an Auction...They are scheduled for 'every other Tuesday.'

You can even bid online or via phone if the weather prevents you from appearing LIVE.

To requote part of January's Blog:

As John R. had stated while he auctioneered at their January 1ST Event: “Don’t worry, there’s more Stuff. I promise you!”

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