Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Work It Off, America. Fat ain't Fabulous!

a Subsidiary of the Chicago Tribune: Fat vs. Fiction
DateLine: Wednesday, February 20, 2008

There is nothing whatsoever PRETTY or HEALTHY about Fat. I found your cover story a complete reversal of what informative and investigative reporting should be about. If FAT people kept their mouths closed and moved more than just towards their refrigerators and/or the nearest fast (as in fat-food chain) they would not be in the dire and deadly predicament Society is in today -- having more morbidly obese people than ever before in recorded history that’s having its consequences and impact thrown over on the others who take (better) care of themselves.

Fat People are not only contributing to higher priced insurance plans for the rest of us and taking up valuable space in the hospital wards because of their uncontrollable urges (which cause heart disease and diabetes to name the top killers) thus making it hard to get top emergency treatment, but are not setting a prime example to their children and those in the hood, who may now be destined to even die before their parents do because of their naughty and irresponsible habits. Have you ever tried wedging your svelte way to a seat on the train or bus or in a public place when a FAT person is taking more than his fair share?

Fat is just not happening and is the issue that’s killing off good people who have no control or concern about anything except their own gluttonous self(ves). The Media follows suit with articles like this and TV shows like Biggest Losers. This is despicable – to reward Fat Losers with money and prime time airtime, just for getting healthy which is something they should do on their own. Why make yourself into an ‘Ass’ for others to see. You’re not curing AIDS, Cander or Childhood Lukemia. You’re not entertaining People with great literature. You’re a (spoiled) Addict that thinks there’s a skinny person inside and if not,then will just stroll through Life as slowly as you can.

40 years ago when I was young, I cried when I saw the Kids in Africa starving to death. Well, guess what Folks? It’s the 21st Century and those little Kids are the new Faces of Malnutrition now – and they are still starving – while others thousands of miles away (here in Chicago – in Red Eye Neck Country) are dying from getting TOO MUCH FOOD to consume. There’s something terribly wrong here with this Scenario & Picture as no change has advanced while Technology has done so incredibly. If FAT AMERICA – collectively speaking now – forfeited and sent a few meals each week to those who really need it in underprivileged 3rd & 4th world Nations and saved some PRECIOUS LIVES in the interim, they’d not only save theirs but set a precedence for future Generations to embrace. The only ones smart enough to benefit over FAT America are the Dieticians and Weight Control Centers who are high-tailing it to the bank, banking on the Fat Man's Mentality or lack of it. That’s something that Kate Harding & her tubby co-horts should reconsider, ponder and really be embracing.


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