Monday, June 29, 2009

Ruthie Madoff, you can come live with me...

Chicago, IL USA: In an eNote I sent to one of my Girlfriends, I stated:

You may have something there, We could befriend RUTHIE -- and invite her here -- that would cause a Stir and definitely I would make news...after all, she might be an INNOCENT By-Stander -- look at all the Women who get rooked by deceitful Men, present company included. That Way I could get News, Exposure & Paparzzi Infiltration and no telling what Producer & Director would want my Book. After all, it takes a lot to survive in this world, even if cut-throats are not after you.

Do you think her 2 shana Sons would want their Mom (the one who brought them into this dog-eat-dog world) to be out on the Streets of New York? I think not! She's too petite of a Woman to be hanging with the homeless and street savvy musketeers - and Central Park does not have indoor plumbing.

And, she does have $2.5 million. That Amount will not go far in NYC, but I can teach her a thing or 2 about being frugal and cheap. It could last the rest of her lifetime, if she learned not to 'indulge and splurge.' It may be miles and states away from her beloved Bernie and an Occasional Visit, but she has to pick up the pieces the World's Most Scorned Woman.

The Way I see The Situation: It's either my Apartment on the lovely North Side of Chicago -- Obamaland, USA or Joisey - New Jersey and from what I hear they don't want her there either!

Late at night when she is thinking of the $1900 Dinners she'd be dining on, instead, she can tell me Stuff and I can write her Book for her and make more $$ yet. Oprah, here We come. She may be an innocent Victim -- We may never know until we grill her like Bernie grilled all those others!

I better start anticipation of Ruthie's Arrival!


Ruthie, if you are reading this, email me at:


and we will make the Proper Arrangements for you to train it to Chicago from Central to Union Station.

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Monday, June 29, 2009 - 3:20 PM CST

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