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Lowell Thompson has something to say...Chicago's Very Own MCA: Most Creative Artist

Chicago, IL USA:

One of the Greatest Artists of all Times, lives right here in Chicago and I am proud to call him 'Friend.' Being as controversial, clever and creative as he is, LOWELL THOMPSON posted an interesting Paragraph on his latest BLOG called:


that I just had to comment on. Then feeling my answers were just as 'radical' as his, I posted it here -- to get more BANG for one's buck. This is that Comment(ary). Do visit


as it's an IDEA that will change the course and discourse of Modern Literature.

My eNote Response to Lowell follows:

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Lowell-say: This is my first attempt at fiction on this site.

ASK-say: That’s not evident, at all.

Lowell-say: In fact, it's not really fiction.

ASK-say: You don’t say. You mean there is something else out there floating around. Could it possibly be THE TRUTH, disguised as Commercialness.

Lowell-say: It's a new category I just made up...

ASK-say: Lowell, my Man, if you are going to WRITE on The Internet – then sound professional. How would U do that? Well, I will tell you. It’s quite simple. #1: Take the Word: MADE UP and substitute: CREATE. It’s much more impressive, classy and extends a better Image than those who MAKE things up, although they are creative in their own manner. Sometimes, SOUNDS in writing does make the difference between acceptance and believe. I know you want to 'garner' both, as well as a paycheck, satisfying as that is.

Lowell continues: ...called Finction or Fuinction. (Don't ask me how to pronounce it).

ASK-say: The pronunciation is also simple. Try:

Feek-shun and FOO-in-shun.

That’s easy enough but those Acronyms don’t have a special or certain RING to them like most of your other Work and Paintings do. Lose it. But if you insist, which you probably will: Finction or Fuinction (because those words stand for:

Functional Fiction

you could use the hyphenated Word:

FUNC-FIC? It’s still as vague, but much easier to say and sounds funky enough in a literarily fictional, not FRICTIONAL way.


Lowell-say: Or you can call it Functional Fiction, which I define as fiction designed to serve a purpose in the real world.

ASK-say: Aye, Aye! Serving a Purpose is something more people, places and things should do - if they and we only had The Time & Space.

Lowell-say: I know, I know, real writers aren't supposed to care about that.

ASK-say: Take it from me, Lowell – We Writers as myself – mercenaries of the WORLD of WORDS and beyond – do stay up night thinking about that very topic! Tossing and Turning. Turning & Tossing till a New Dawn dawns brightly, then it begins all over again & again & a-g-a-i-n.

LT-say: But since I'm a writer without portfolio,

ASK-say: Come on now. You've penned at least 3 blogs an you are a:

Writer with Portfolio?

I beg your Pardon! But heck, your Artistic Portfolio could blow Matisse & Rembrandt out of the Water…and every other Artist before or after them and those. Timeless Art is what I call your Pieces. MasterPieces, at that! Plus you see it all with only ONE Workable Eye. Aye! Aye to that, too – not to hurt your Feelings. You see more than most People see with 2 workable corneas do…That’s Talent with a CapiTal T, as in Thompson. Hey, didn't they name that building just north of City Hall after you? I thought there was a resemblance!

Lowell-says: I can do whatever I damn want. Right?

ASK-says: Lowell, there might be children 'out there' surfing the Internet who want to become an Artist/Writer/Advertising Pro like you – a Func-Fictionist-@-large in a functional way, means and manner so you really should not DAMN anything on The Internet – it’s a Netiquette Type Thang to do or not to do. Bill Shakespeare wouldn't.

LT-says in closing: Want to find out more, email me at lowelltho@gmail.com, OK?

ASK-say: You have time to correspond with The Masses when most of the Art in the Museums & at the Galleries of the world could use some of

The Thompson Touch?

Better start cranking out The Art, Lowell – leave the WORDS to the Critics who will be examining pieces as YOUR OBAMA Portrait which should be hanging in President Obama’s Office…WRITE now, as a matter of fact…and all those other fine pieces you have created as well as those Gems also known as: Advertorial Art Forms you place on:


Hey, if you can DO both – the more Power to you…it’s nice to see somebody succeed – and be as concerned about The Arts as you do!

As you know (in Final clo-ZING), G-d loves the Little Children that love themselves. Or so it goes, on and on and on. As usual, I enjoyed reading and perusing your latest Blog Pages – BUY THE COVER. It certain contains so much Creativity, it should be voted BLOG of the Year, next to mine, of course!

Be well – Creativity is all around us – how it’s interpreted is what it is all about…

Signed & Posted by:

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

Koopersmith’s Global Communications

“People read what ASK writes about…”


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