Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Boomer Men: Sex-ty @ 60? Koopersmith sez so...: Why SEX-ty is the New Sixteen...

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As part of my AFSEE (Advocates For Senior Equality & Enrichment (C)2002) that I began 8 years ago, it's come to my attention that MEN my age -- circa High School Graduation of 1970 (give or take a few years) are now turning 60.

The problem is: The generation that I hailed from were party animals. Some drank. Some smoked Mother Nature. Some did both. Some had other forms of Party Animal Action. Now that it's 2010 - the calendar officially says that MEN of the Baby Boomer Generation can be 60 years old. As I go back thru my ROSTER of MEN THAT I DATED. I see that 2 of the 32 will be 60 this year...

Robert E. Hofstadter
Buc Pantelis

Turning 50 does force most of us into a Reality Check Mode, but Turning 60 is yet another Page as those who are lucky enuf to do it will find out. It's the Start of your 7TH Decade...and as time grows short -- it seems as if there is always more to do. However, one thing is certain. Those Men born in the 1950s - during that 'other Millennium & Century' of so long ago were MEN -- not the wimps you see these days...Therefore, my new Term:

SEX-ty (R) instead of 60 (Sixty) may ring true for those who pick up on the Clue that Healthy Eating & Exercising is the way to live through Lots of Decades and Life Styles.

Happy Birthday to them all...

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