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Twas the Month Before Scriptapalooza's Deadline...taking a Page from Weird Al Yanko...

This Original Verse appeared on Wednesday, December 30, 2009 – 1:15 PM CST
and was entitled: T'was 5 Nights Before Script-A-Palooza...


Now that I’m done with my Screenplay, what am I going to do? You guessed it – I’ve already begun to rewrite it and yes, I do have some guilt that I already sent in my initial and first copy for your Contest whose First Deadline is in 6.5 Days, but I figure every Moment I spend with it - my Script, then I am learning more Techniques and getting more Ideas. One thing I did learn was that I am no Weird AL Yankovich – the musician – satirist that will take a popular tune and make it into a Pop Culture Statement.

I tried my hand at this ‘Art’ on Sunday, December 27TH from 12:22 – 12:43 AM. I just couldn’t sleep and I wanted to write something so I took:

T’was The Night Before Christmas

and reworded/rephrased it to fit your Contest, with The Theme being:

Imaging what it must be like if Santa were making The Rounds (as he does)
and would see all these Contestants sitting in their respective Homes, Libraries, Dens, etc., finishing up their Script-A-Palooza Entries!

Bear in mind that it is a Take-Off because mine happens 5 Days before The Scriptapalooza First Deadline – whereby the real Christmas is on the 25TH or 11 Days earlier.

After all, it is all in the Timing, at times (which we know).

Also, bear in mind this Verse is extremely and rather unpolished – but it captures ‘The Sentiment’ – which I think is pretty darn cool – that all around The World, People are characterizing and writing Stories that the Scriptapalooza Founders & Staff get to read being the ONES responsible who generated this kind of Inspiration. Here goes:

T’was 5 Days before Script-A-Palooza when all through the House, not a Noise was heard, only the Click-clicking of The PC Mouse.

When arose such a Clatter, I sprang from my Keyboard to see was what the matter!

When all through The Houses (from Landau to Katmandu), 1000s of Writers (just like me) were glued to the Mouses.

With Suspense, Romance and Comedies in mind, they relentlessly worked through Plots and Acts and each moving Movie Line.

Merging Content with Context, past Acts, Log Lines and Synopsis, they diligently worked to score what they thought the Top is!

When all through The Drama, the Hero appears where Gender and Character merge through Rivers of Tears (substitute Cheers, if it’s a Comedy).

From the Shadows of Memory, emblazoned with Action, The Writer peruses Acts full of Vigor and Passion.

On Act 1 and Act 2 and Act 3 and more, the loyal Audience clamors to know what lies at your Core.

With ‘What’s Happening’ filtering into The Text, the Writer knows what should come next.

Go away Writer’s Block, Spell Check, Grammar and Tense Situations, as Story Devices seek out their out Temptations, the Audience hinges on Shockers and Thrillers,

On Cliff-Hangers, unanswered Questions and pilfered Scenes, as this Screenplay is headed for high ranking Awards, the ‘Fade to Black’ ends up the Writer’s Score.

With Screenplay completed and tucked under his Arm, The Writer walks his ‘Red Carpet’ to the post office, charmed.

With Visions of Hollywood firmly now in his Head, he just hope he gets his Screenplay read!

By: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

And what 2 Lines were my The People's favorites Those are:

T’was 5 Days before Script-A-Palooza when all through the House, not a Noise was heard, only the Click-clicking of The PC Mouse.

When arose such a Clatter, I sprang from my Keyboard to see was what the matter!

As Script-A-Palooza Staff hurried about…in the Distance, it could be heard: Happy Writing to all and enjoy your Sound bite.

And now with MARCH 5TH staring us SPEC SCREEN WRITERS in the Face within a Month (and February is the shortest Month in The Union, this Literary Fun Piece again comes to mind -- with a few rewordings, of course, that will only get done after I finish my Sequel.

ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Koopersmith’s Global Communications
“People read what ASK writes about…”
Chicago, IL USA


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