Monday, October 4, 2010

SKiN: Koopersmith's Award-Winning Movie Script exposed in a Month-long Series: The October 4, 2010 Edition

Chicago, IL USA

Today's Segment reads as:

The date 10-4 that stands for October 4 strikes alot of western(ized)people (those 45+ of age) with the nostalgic TV program called: "Car 54, Where Are You?" starring Broderick Crawford whose M.O. was just that. And just like all those dates before us and after us, it depends on what event you are faced with every day that will arise that deals with the color of SKiN you are in. If you get cut off in traffic by a person of a different color, do you immediately shout out a derogatory remark? Although many people will not openly admit that they do, at least 60% of those surveyed stated they did. Pushing buttons often starts with the jealousies and prejudices we receive from our parents at birth. Coming to terms with the SKiN you are in is what this 7-part series is all apart. After all, the key word is "APART" - man is apart of every other species, whether he/she it/them/they are clad in SKiN, Feathers, Fur or not.

EXCERPT FROM: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About THE ACTORS IN SKiN and Was Not Afraid to ASK.

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NOTE: Please check back again tomorrow through October 17, 2010 for more Excerpts from my latest 7-Part Movie & Book Production called:

SKiN: Saced Kinship in Nature™
How 10 beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009

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