Saturday, October 16, 2010

SKiN: Koopersmith's Award-Winning Movie Script exposed in a Month-long Series: The October 16, 2010 Edition

Chicago, IL USA

Today's Segment reads as:

Strange reasons come to light in dreams for some reason. It may be our subconscious trying to tell us an important lesson. It may be something that was not solve during the course of the day that needs to be explained. Therefore, it pops up in the middle of the night in the form of a dream. No matter what it's reason is, when a writer really gets into his topic sometimes dreams reveal sides that did not yet appear in book and/or movie format - whatever your literary style is bound (pun intended) to be. Therefore, it came as NO surprise to me that last nite I dreamed I had dark skin. I remember looking at myself and not recognizing myself. It made me think about IF I would or would not be accepted; and would anyone that I know - would they recognize me or show me the attention I had previously secured from them. The outcome of this dream sequence stopped there. Maybe it will continue tonight as its relevance is important and probably the most important we deal with daily.

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SKiN: Saced Kinship in Nature™
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