Thursday, October 20, 2011

2 Postings 4 The Price of 1: The October 20, 2011 Edition.

Live from Chicago, IL USA

#1 pertains to Promotions and how you can get ahead of the Crowd in 2012:

Koopersmith's Year-End In Review places your Art(istry) in the Spotlight: Make MOM happy. Pay some Bills. Live LARGE. October 25 is the first deadline in which to sign-up for this offer. December 15 is the final deadline in which to sign-up for this offer. Each Media Blitz is customized according to your Art, Wants, Needs and Desires. Having been spotlighted in most of the major press publications as well as TV & Radio since 1979 on as well as slews of web-sightings, I've secured a grasp of THE MEDIA and can assist you in turning a page in your career - whether it is literary, artistic and/or a specialty that you are concerned with.

FB me at: for a lively discussion on how to capitalize and expose your fortes. After all, 2011 only comes once in a lifetime. Make IT work 4 U!


#2 pertains to PETS and how their Unconditional Love for us makes our Days better:

As the Founder of PAW: Pet Appreciation Week ©1994, one of my most revered HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE that spotlights the Life & Times of 66 different Species that roam our granite Planet, this FB post is to introduce myself to you. I also wish to apprise you of the possibilities PAW offers as we herald in a New Year and all those timeless & furry, feathered & scaled Paws-ibilities. Check out my October 18, 2011 Posting on my BLOG, KOOPERSMITHIN’ ® at: for those promotional opportunities. Fee free to FB me here for any questions you may have.
Cheers, ASK: ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ / Chicago, IL USA 10-20-2011

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