Wednesday, October 26, 2011

THE SHOE CHAIR - A Heel above the rest.

ATTN: All SHOE-nistas

Subject Line: Calling all Imelda Marcos’

THE SHOE CHAIR® is a must-have. If you happen to be a teenage girl, a grown woman or a flamboyant character (or think you are one of these), the SHOE CHAIR will win your Heart & Sole (literally – no kidding there) all in one fell swoop. Its Dimensions are approximately 46” high X 30” wide X 42” long.

Found at Affordable Furniture & Carpet located at 1314 N. Milwaukee in Chicago,, this unique Chair (like the Sofa Lips, Hand Chair & other pop culture take-offs comfortingly make any room special and set it apart. Decorating could not be easier with this chair in that place. Spotting this Line of Seating Furniture (ie: Chairs (in black & white zebra motif; leopard design; red and pink solids) on Monday, October 24, 2011 while shopping with my Mother on her 83RD Birthday, we both stopped in our tracks – our Footsteps (one could and should say).

And yes, they are a real piece of furniture shaped as a Sculpture would be in the form of a STILETTO HIGH HEEL.

Grabbing our attention, two were in the window of Affordable Furniture & Carpet, a Furniture Store in trendy Wicker Park. Wicker Park (one of Chicago’s hottest hoods) is accessible by public transportation. We instantly walked in, absolutely loving what we saw in their front window. Never concealing a great sales ploy or Idea, I immediately spotted the Owner, ROBERT and commented he should be selling these Stiletto’s Chairs to the finest Shoe Stores; Shoe Designers, Shoe Collectors, Wearers of The Shoe, Fashion Magazines, Stylists, etc. on Michigan Avenue. “They would be flying OUT OF THE STORE on their heels. I kid you not,” I confided in him as his Sales Associates listened eagerly nearby smiling and agreeing with me.

“This is a marketing plan whose time has come!” I summed up the general sentiment floating across the room.

At which time, Robert told me to find those customers and the commission is all mine. Now, that’s an offer I cannot refuse. “What an easy job to do,” I thought to myself. Therefore, if you own a shoe boutique; are a shoe designer or a person who loves the TRENDIEST of what Pop Culture Furniture is all about and/or offers, then check out the Stiletto High Heel Chair at Affordable Furniture & Carpet at: 1314 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago.

You may also visit them online at:

OR: Stop in to chat with Robert & his friendly staff at their showroom His phone him is 773-904-8000

When you specifically ask for ROBERT, tell him that I (ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith) referred you, and a Super Di$count will be extended to you. There’s no Deadline on this Deal, but I would suspect the Chair Shoe would look great near your Christmas Tree for holiday gift-giving this year. It’s also great as a birthday gift. We will then both go home, happy. Perk up your Rooms with more atmosphere with more of their lines by visiting the store online or in person. Look around. Get acquainted.

I also found out that they deliver for FREE for a circumference or distance of 250 miles from their Store! That’s comparable to a trip to Wisconsin and/or Indiana, Folks.

Now, if that’s not customer service to the max, then I don’t know what is. I guarantee you will love that CHAIR, ab-SHOE-lutely®! When larger than life is better, it’s with the Shoe Chair. It definitely will make you smile wide!

ATTN: MEDIA: For reporters needing a Story that outshines any other and is a heel above the rest, this is it!

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Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - 4:45 PM CST

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