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Ida B. Wells' 150TH Birthday Celebration: Time for a Mayoral & Gubernatorial Proclamation for July 16, 2012.

Chicago, IL USA:

This is an INSTANT REPLAY, Folks, from a few days ago as I really like the Sentiment, plus it's great for those MAYORS & GOVERNORS from across the USA who really want to declare and proclaim the Day a National Event. I'll also post it on my BLOG, Koopersmithin to spread the news further yet.

That info is:

THE AMAZING THINGS YOU NOTICE WHEN YOU DO ‘THE MATH:’ For the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame’s 2ND Inductee’s Ceremony on November 15TH (the Brainchild of Author/Visionary, Donald G. Evans), 1 of the 6 Honorees will be IDA B. WELLS described as “a Crusader for Justice & a Defender of Democracy. Ms. Wells was characterized as an uncompromising Leader and Militant for her Efforts to abolish Lynching & establish Racial Equality” according to

As We rapidly approach 2012, it must be noted that Ms. Wells was born on Wednesday, July 16, 1862 in Holly Springs, Mississippi, thus continuing the Celebration as her 150TH Birthday draws near. With that Revelation in mind, an Ida B. Wells’ Day/Week/Month should be proclaimed in her Honor and it’s not too early to get started on that Festivity Today!

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