Friday, October 28, 2011

They'd have been married 60 years...

GOING DOWN MEMORY LANE. Well, if ‘The Folks ‘ (ie: my Parents) had stuck together; if the ‘Old Man’ had not died and if there wasn’t a Divorce back in the Mid-70’s, today, the 28TH of October would have been my Parents’ 60TH Year Anniversary. Imagine that. 60 years ago, October 28TH fell on a Sunday! That means they would have slept together for 184,511 hours; slept some 7688 days (a piece, accordingly – altho that’s really not anyone’s business); eaten 66,566 meals together (some of that time with us Kids, of course) and blinked 295,831,786 times, a piece.

A special thank you shout-out goes to ‘My Birthday Book’ from Natalis Press, Inc. published in NYC in 1993 for those fun figures. Somehow, I never thought of that astounding Revelation when I was 29 (when they’d have been married 30 years); or 39 (when they’d have been married 40 years); or 49 (when they’d have been married for ½ a Century); but now that I’m 59, it just dawned on me. What do you make of that! And that’s how it is for Friday, October 28, 2011.

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