Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ASK on: My Last Halloween during my 50s...

Monday, October 31, 2011 marked my last Halloween - my fav. time of year while still in my 50s. This was a rather sad occasion for me. This holiday is celebrated by both young and old, but for some reason it was a bit bitter-sweet, we could say.

As a kid I would say: Tick or Teet. I visited MOM -- raided the candy bowl in her lobby and then biked up Paulina on my way home from a mid-day visit; where I bumped into LeeAnn Trotter & Tyndale Hurry of NBC Channel 5 doing a live broadcast of a Halloween block party! Such fun...blocking the street off and having chili with neighbors was what these folks did.

Later, up in my hood, parents took their youngsters from door-to-door. Some Holidays as Halloween are just too much fun to end...no matter if the decades pass you right / write on by. You can always write about it.

But next Halloween when I'm 60 - OH LOOK OUT!

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