Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Muppetts R so *$(@)_ overrated! Enter: GORF: That's FROG back-WORDS.®

As posted on RedEye/Chicago Tribune's FB page & ASK's FB Account.

Oh, please! The Muppets are so over-rated. There’s no Yaaays coming from this Camp. Via today’s RedEye Cover for November 22, 2011 entitled: FROGGY Style – nobody does IT ‘froggy style’ like GORF - hailed as ‘Chicago’s First Green Mascot.’

For those not IN THE KNOW, GORF® is FROG back-words. He is my plush TOY that stands at 27 inches long with the 11 inch Grin – a regular @ Dance Friday on NBC. GORF is also 1 of the 4 leading Stars of:

SKiN: Sacred Kinship in Nature™
How 10 Beloved Plush Toys Redefine Race ©2009

that beat out 3164 other Scripts during the Summer of 2010 via an International Scriptwriting Competition called Scriptapalooza based in Hollywood.

You want ribbits? You go to GORF – deemed as ‘The Grin Reaper ®.’ Why is there such a dislike for Kermit? It’s a simple Issue – all based on Familiarity & who made the biggest Impression while growing up. It also depends on what ERA you are from. If you grew up with Captain Kangaroos – Bob Keeshan and Mr. Green Jeans, your ToT; TAKE on TOYS will be far richer than those born & raised in the 1970s.

I won’t be going to see The Muppets latest flick. By far, my TOYS – including GORF’s 9 other Buddies in SKiN™ found in and around the POND have other things to contend (with).

To each his own. What could be more ribbiting than this time of year. PhotoGORFS® of GORF @ Christmas will be online by Black Friday, leaping into the GORFmas® & GORF-ukah® 2011 Style. Boys & Girls of all ages are feel free to write to GORF at: askgorf(at)yahoo(com) for a ribbiting Good Time.

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