Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog #750: Can I do without a Phone? A Book to follow IF I heed the 'Call.'

THE STRANGEST THING HAPPENED. I was approached by a lit agent who knows I like to do promotions & write alot, but is looking for someone who would go 'phoneless' for a spell in order to write it up and then go on a media frenzy talking about how they communicated only with the social networks. I was a bit skeptical about this. The $$ was good; but the stint was way too long. I figured the avg. person could do this for a month - as they often have a person 'HELD HOSTAGE' in a glass booth at the Field Museum or it may be the Mus. of Sci & Indy...but this is for 5 years. Plus, there are old sick relatives to call; boyfriends that 'call in' - the whole 9 yards. Don’t you think they find some1 outside the PR field who is not so chatty to do this kind of experiment or whatever it’s called? The word: Infringement seems to fit here, if you ask me. Would sneaking phone calls like sneaking a drink sneak their way in – I would guess so. Yes, it was a strange request...but I guess do-able & U could prob. get used to it. I need to get my Answer in to them by mid-month. What do you guys & gals think? This definitely has piqued my interest…

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