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ANDY ROONEY: A Salutation to Someone who didn't need to use Cleavage, Trash Talk or Reality TV to make his Points valid.

A TRIBUTE TO MR. ANDY ROONEY: As a writer who follows other favorites, it's a sad day for us all, but also a happy one as we were (in this time and space) graced by the Writings & Musings of ANDY ROONEY. His name says it all. Everyone knew and enjoyed his tinkerings and thinkerings on all the things in life that would have passed us by IF he had not brought them up and out to light. Now, ANDY had enough to write about.

One time during the Millennium, I wrote him a note. When he did his SWAN SONG a few weeks ago on CBS' 60 Minutes, he mentioned the fan mail he would get and stated he hardly ever wrote back to anyone. Well, guess what: I got a letter from Mr. Rooney -- one that made me very happy. I was surprised he did not correspond more, but every one has their reasons for what they don't or do do. Andy will be sorely missed but he left us with the MAGIC of the Written Word and Tapings that will live on forever.

And, I'm kind of hoping that next year for the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame's 3rd Induction, he will be 1 of the 6 Inductees. I wonder what Andy would say about that. Let's get a nice picture of ANDY up here - taken from the New York Times - online at:

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PS: On Second Thought now that it’s nearly Noon (11:55 AM CST) and it’s been a sad-sad Morning for the Rooney Family:

It's too bad Andy didn't make it to his 100TH Birthday as I'm sure he'd tell us some more very insightful thoughts. Gone too early, but he lived a great life and did exactly what he wanted to do. Not many of us can say we've done that; few of us may not (ever) with the way of the world today. A man of a different time who did what he pleased, that pleased many of us. That’s how we’ll remember ANDY ROONEY. Plus, on a lighter note: he did all of that on an antiquated (many would say) Royal Typewriter...which only proves that U don't need to keep up with the Times to be 'timeless.' R.I.P., Andy...

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RREMEMBERING ANDY: ANDY ROONEY. It's been an entire Week now since America's priceless News Commentator died. Died on November 4TH. 4 months after another patriotic holiday: Independence Day #235 at last count. It's hard coming to terms like this - as ANDY had such a Great Way with Words and Terms on his own terms (of course) and Thoughts (lots of Thoughts)-- many which We (as individuals) thought about, but would never voice. Now, that his Voice is silenced, it's just plain sad. He would have had some really clever things to say about today – it being Veterans’ Day; it being Vets’ Day falling on the numerical series of 11-11-11. He’d probably think it was not that important and that silly superstition was just that: Silly Superstition.

60 Minutes, his TV show will not be the same without him. His segment appeared or ran at the very end. They saved THE BEST FOR LAST. They know (now knew) that tho. We know (now knew) that tho. Tho...But, I guess this entire Week (after I watched as many of the televised Tributes to him as I could) was the glaring fact that (even in a recession / depression / economic downturn), ANDY worked all the way up to 5 weeks before he passed away! I would guess that if he knew he was going to die, he'd have worked up closer to 'The Date.' If this Act(ion) does not serve as Inspiration to the rest of us - the way he lived his life, that is, then I don't know what does.
Now, I mentioned that ANDY was a "News Commentator.' He was actually more than that. He analyzed - he just didn't read from a teleprompter- he put thought, insight, meaning and fun into those broadcasts. Sunday Nights just won't feel the same without him...

Rest In Peace, Mr. Rooney.

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