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Moving 11 Lovable TOYS into Dreamworks Animation. The Start of a Movie-Making Dynasty that erases Racism. How YOU can help.


Any Person with Ties to Steven Spielberg is rewarded with a 5-Figure Check (for Starters) if they walk:


in to Dreamworks Animation. Unconventional & Guerrilla Marketing Tactics have always been my Forté & Style. Racism must be alleviated without Delay. Upon reading these Manuscripts & Scripts, the Reader will never have a wicked or bigoted Bone in their Body ever again. Now, that’s how fine Literature works.

You may be asking why I am so adamant and determined about this Endeavor and providing such a generous, unlimited and satisfying Opportunity to a 'Total Stranger.' Quite simply, it’s because ‘SKiN’ and its 7 Movies & 7 Books are a Franchise Dream-come-true whose Time has arrived. What enhances this Body of Work is Sequel #3 called:


that beat-out 3,164 other Movie Scripts in the Hollywood-based Scriptapalooza International Screenplay Competition in July of 2010.

Since then, ‘ANTS’ has been rewritten into 2 Books & 2 Movie Scripts, as well as receiving a Citation of Appreciation from the leading Teaching Tolerance Group in America: The Southern Poverty Law Center based in Montgomery on Thursday, July 15, 2010 and in Association with Author & Pulitzer Prize Winner, Toni Morrison.

For those Individuals unaware of Nature’s Delights, ANTS come in (at least) 15 different (or differANT) Colors. To me, there’s a Direct Association of Humans to The ANT although this Creature, sturdy, persevering and industrious as he is, has withstood Life and the Test of Time for 130 million years here on Planet Earth. Will Man? This mesmerizing Angle consistently (and consistANTly) works its Way thematically through the entire Series as this slANT explains why SKiN promotes the Preservation of the Species, not its Separation, Segregation and ultimately, Mankind’s Self-Destruction.

This Body of Works (taken collectively) will eliminate Racism once and for all; and for one and all (of us). Its 2 other significant Themes are equally as poignant and touch the Hearts & Souls of People(s) across and around the World. Those are:

2) to dispel the Mixed Signals and Ironies received every Day; and
3) to get to the Heart of what matters – truly matters.

THE POWER OF THE WRITTEN WORD: In the Friday, October 28, 2011 Edition of REDEYE, a Supplement published by The Chicago Tribune (Monday through Friday), Matt Pais, reviewed Puss in Boots stating:

First Rate Animation; Third Rate Screenplay.

THINKING THOUGHTS: T(his) Title immediately grabbed my Attention. When I began reading Mr. Pais’ Summary, my initial Thoughts were:

1) how could this beloved Story be told to entice a Modern Day Audience? and

2) consequently, be retold (yet another Time) without losing and/or boring the Audience Members and Reviewers who’d take ‘aim’ at whatever Marker they could.

With Competition being as fierce as it is, grabbing a Viewing Audiences’ Attention is a Talent (of its own) that goes beyond what’s viewed on a Screen. A Presentation needs to be great since its Predecessors have already set a Standard and must work to ‘improve upon it’ (so to say).

Bearing this in mind, Matt emphasized a(nother) very valuable Point (worth discussing here) since it is rooted deeply in the A&E: Arts & Entertainment Industries.

CONTINUING AS BACKGROUND: Reviewing Puss in Boots, Matt states and I slightly paraphrase the following Passage: “The opposite goes for the Story. When you rewrite Fairy Tales and their familiar Faces, the Names of the Characters barely matter. Do Fans of the Classic Jack & Jill Story get a kick out of seeing them repurposed … as evil, murderous thieves? Doubtful. Puss in Boots labors to create an alternate History from Childhood Treasures. I’ll keep mine the way I remember them, thanks.”

I agree. Don’t you? Why or why not?

To absorb more of this Debate and for your Reading Pleasure, Matt’s online Version of (t)his Review appears at: http://tinyurl.com/3d2shu2

WHAT SCRIPTWRITERS & ANIMATORS ARE ASKING: For a Period now, as I speak to People in ‘The Trade,’ the two burning & boggling Questions that are repeatedly pondered are:

1) Why are Hollywood Movie Studios remaking so many of these old(er) Stories?

2) In order to change the Status Quo, a New Screenwriter &/or Author (armed with a Bounty of Material, a smashing Storyline and a captivating Approach on Life [concerning critical Issues or Dilemmas] to tell that Story, that could and would change the Course of Human Ideologies (for the better) be signed for a prolonged Deal. Instead of retelling and wasting Time on an Old Classic, introduce New Values & Ideas to the Mix. Not only telling an incomparable Story that lingers in the Minds of all Viewers, this Operation also simultaneously puts many others to work. Give a Chance to an unknown Talent that knows how to tell an incomparable Story which will linger in the Minds of all Viewers. The Frosting on that proverbial cake is that this Project simultaneously puts many other Creatifs to work. This Move spells out to be a win-win Situation for all participants involved.

ENTER: A Chicago-based Phenomena able and willing to jumpstart Contemporary Movie and Literary Worlds via the 11 amicable Characters (where 90.9% or 10 of the 11 are classified as CHARACTOYS® – a Koopersmithian Term derived from the 2 Words: CHARACTERS + TOYS = CHARACTOYS ®.

For the Wordsters amongst us, I have been developing unique and clever Lines of Vocabulary Words explicitly devoted to the Topics I cover in my Writings for decades now. As for the Troupe starring in:


that I have personally selected, collected and love who are symbolically depicted in my 7-tiered Franchise. However, I often ask myself:

Did these TOYS choose me? They just may have…

How did they just happen to all come together at this Critical Time in Man’s History, all able and willing to offer and lend Insight to the Human Condition, as viewed through the Eyes of Creatures, reaching back as far as 217,000,000 years on the Evolutionary Spectrum? That is a Story & Segment worth probing in and of itself.

BRANDING: Not only is a TV Series featuring the CHARACTOYS® already written to accompany the 7 Books & 7 Movies (of which 4 are complete), but my HOLIDATE®

ani-MAY-tion® Month International ©2010 (occurring every May)

will see the First Leg & Installment of SKiN™ in its Debut in 2012. That’s how a Legend formulates, begins and grows. For those interested, I have created over 1,900 HOLIDATES TO CELEBRATE since Wednesday, July 25, 1990. Many other HOLIDATES® also grace the Pages of SKiN to entice and delight the Readers.

For those serious in undertaking this Creative Endeavor, to reiterate, this Project enfolds:

1) 7 Books & 7 Movie Scripts;
2) Appropriate Words associated with the Books & Movies: SKiN’s own Language.
3) Ani-MAY-tion® Month International ©2010
4) 10 highly attractive and brandable TOYS;
5) A TV Show (Name to be revealed at a later Date) featuring all the entire Cast of 11 highly attractive and brandable TOYS (i.e.: CHARACTOYS ®)along with ‘The Keeper;’
6) The Board Game (Name to be revealed at a later Date), plus more…

YOUR ROLE, IF YOU SO CHOOSE TO ACCEPT IT: And, you can become an instrumental Part of this 3M: Movie Making Move(ment) with all its relevant Spin-offs. After all, We all have SKiN.

A vast Assortment of CreatiVEntures® (contained here in SKiN™) are now available to the appropriate Talents-at-large. Therefore, if you have Ties to Dreamworks Animation and see the Artistry in this Dynasty (renamed as: dynasTOYS®) combined with the Element of Humanity in those Words that are refreshing, new, innovative and concerned with Mankind's largest Social Issue, RACISM, then, introducing Project: SKiN™ to the Acquisition Team at Dreamworks Animation may certainly open up Doors that make Movie Making Magic....come to life for us all…while gaining Acceptance for us all.

That way, when Matt Pais reviews ‘our Movies,’ he’ll label ‘SKiN’ as:

Top Notch Animation; First Rate Screenplay.

And, if I may so add: First Class Entertainment.

IN CLOSING: At the End of each Day, to most People, it’s WHAT MATTERS that matters most. For me, that is why I see SKiN™ as ‘THE CLASSIC’ Children of Today will read and share with their Children Tomorrow. That’s the kind of World We need to instill and install. Won’t you help. It is a Sacred Kinship in Nature. Plain and simply.


Screenwriter – Author – Eventologist
Chicago - Illinois USA

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