Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day #3 of: ARK CHICAGO's $4.50 Food Challenge. One 'Weigh' to lose Weight w/o trying...

Directly from ARK Chicago's Press Release:

Could you live on a food budget of $4.50 a day? That’s the average food stamp benefit for IL residents. In order to call attention to the realities of HUNGER in the community and to enhance its advocacy efforts on behlf of the community, THE ARK CHICAGO is recruiting staff; board members & volunteers to participate in a 5-day Food Stamp Challenge, to run from November 27-December 1. Several ARK staff members, volunteers and community members will participate and share their experiences (anonymously, if they wish)

Participants in the Food Stamp Challenge pledge to live for 5 days on the standard food stamp allotment of $4.50 per day per person. Participants w/be encouraged to share their experiences by posting on the ARK’s Facebook page or thru direct communication with THE ARK.

The goal of the Challenge is to draw attention to hunger & other Issues of ecomonic justice & the need to sustain vital govt social safety-net programs, at a time when Congress is proposing to reduce funding for Food Stamps by $127 billion over the next decade.

Formal registration is not required & participants may choose to follow the Challenge for fewer than 5 days if they prefer. For more info, including Challenge Guidelines, please visit THE ARK’s website at: arkchicago.org/news or Phyllis Nutkis at 773-681-8978 or pnutkis(at)arkchicago.org

POSTED BY: ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
November 29, 2011 - 3:52 PM CST

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