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Nov 7, 2011 is heralded as BILL KURTIS & DONNA LaPIETRA DAY. Let's give the Power-Duo a Round of Applause, Chicago! They are 'DOING IT' for us.

It’s BILL KURTIS & DONNA LA PIETRA DAY here in Chicago. This is so nice. As ‘America’sPremier Eventologist’ I love proclamations and declarations, esp. when they are so well deserved, as exemplified in this case.

I immediately went to google THE NEWS – and was expecting and suspecting as well as (also) hoping that GOOGLE would post their Pix as the Official Google Art of the Day, but alas, that wasn’t so. A rendition of THE COUPLE – perhaps done up in an Andy Warhol Motif would be on display. But it was not…at least: YET.

However, it’s great to see that 2 Chicagoans are getting their Day in the Sun – after devoting so many years to making the Chicago Scene as vibrant and outstanding as it truly is. Calling Chicago home (sweet home, Chicago since May of 1979), I’ve seen photos of BK & DLP grace every magazine and newspaper for ages – unselfishly working for the betterment of the Windy City.

A SORT-OF ENCOUNTER: Years ago, when I began Cartoonists Against Crime ©1991 (after being beat up, robbed & left for dead in the lobby of my apartment bldg. on Dec. 23, 1991 – coming up on the Crusade’s 20TH Anniversary, next month) I was interviewed at-large by a vast assortment of Radio/TV & Newspapers (not only locally, but internationally). When I appeared on Mr. Kurtis’ station – after the interview (that was done by 1 of the staff reporters), as an Anchor, he commented favorably about my endeavor. He didn’t brush it off. He gave it a fine ‘capping’ that made me very proud. I was pleased to hear that statement as getting recognition in the ARTS is difficult.

It’s great to see a devoted Couple put their ALL into our Town. Actually, Folks – and special attention to: Chicago's Cultural Affairs Commissioner Michelle Boone, don’t you think Bill and Donna deserve a Week instead of just one Day?

Here’s more of ‘The Particulars’ on the Chicago Tribune site at:,0,6246360.story

WAIT! WAIT!! WAIT!!! Upon reading this Expose, it’s incomplete & quite a FLIMSY posting. It doesn’t do the Power-Duo any Justice, whatsoever. Bill himself is an author, an advocate for raising Cattle ‘the right way’ and a seasoned and professional Broadcaster as well as Humanitarian. Plus, there’s no mention of Ms. LaPietra whatsoever. Certainly someone at the Tribune could have interviewed her quickly – and/or found her Bio (somewhere online).

NOW: I’m going to check to see what Bill Zwecker of the Sun-Times has to say. Bill Z. is always on-target with what he has to report.
IN CLOSING: Congrats to Bill & Donna on their Special Day and thank you for making Chicago the SUPER-CITY it is today.

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Nov 7, 2011 is heralded as BILL KURTIS & DONNA LaPIETRA DAY. Let's give the Power-Duo a Round of Applause, Chicago! They are 'DOING IT' for us. Check out my BLOG called Koopersmithin' at: for a Salute to this Power Couple who've worked 2 lifetimes to make Chicago as great as WE are!

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