Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ausrine’s Arts Room: What The ARTS are to be all about. Evanston's Hidden Gem.

DATELINE: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 – 2:10 PM CST


As the City of Evanston celebrates its 150 Year, it's just plain neat to discover a Hidden Gem that I had not known  about before.  I just discovered a new ART Gallery by taking a wrong turn through Evanston, IL USA. Lucky, lucky me. That type of Adventure is one that I am always up for. Located at:

1123 Florence Avenue is Ausrine’s Arts Room

This is, my far, the most delightful Space I have seen in years (and) I attend gallery openings regularly. From Lithuania, Ausrine owns and operates the Gallery and is a trained Artist (with her MA in Art Education)& Award Winner, calling Lithuania her home. AND, it shows by her concept that states:

“The concept I’ve developed for this unique space is to encourage emerging and established artists, in their creative growth. Toward this, end, I’ve opened the Art Room, where workshops in printmaking, felt & fiber work and leather, will be offered. Each workshop will be offer twice monthly: Once at night and once on a weekend (day). The techniques will rotate monthly.

For those Artists who need space for their projects, the room may be rented. Curated Shows are a regular feature at Ausrine’s Arts Room. On a regular bases throughout the year, a CALL FOR ARTISTS is issued.

As Ausrine states and I paraphrase: “It was good fortune to be able to find a bright, spacious environment in Evanston to continue offering workshops and to share my skills that are a great joy to me…”

Her 20 year exhibition history is available to any journalist/reporter/art collector/aficionado upon request.

What stopped me initially was the profound Works, Detail & intense Coloring of Dovile Riebschlager pictured in the window, as I am sure those Paintings would stop you in your tracks. Find more online at: www.doviart.me

What a delightful Way to mark my day. This is a Woman that not only loves Art (and what it symbolizes), but knows her Art, but lives her Art and takes on the task (happily) of expanding the Dreams of Other(s Artists) via the Space she has so meticulously and lovingly created.

IN CLOSING: Contact Ausrine at: ausri.kerr(at)gmail(dot)com

The Gallery’s online presence is at: www.ausrinesartsroom.net

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