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"Because The Knead is there," Challah for Hunger feeds Americans 1 Loaf-@-A-Time.

It’s no fun being hungry.  Yet, if you google the question: 

How many people go hungry in the world every day?

the numbers would astound you. 

According to:
3.5 million Children die each year from Hunger
According to:

16 million American Children go to bed hungry.

Knowing these facts have risen (especially so since I was a Teenager (and well-fed at that -  growing up in the 1960s), one concerned Organization that has jumped in to help alleviate the Growing Hunger Crisis is based in Evanston, Illinois coming out of Northwestern University. 

Called Challah for Hunger, I spoke to one of their spokeswomen, Ms. Alexis Leon (who calls  Philadelphia home), on the evening of June 5 night at Beth Emet, the Free Synagogue located at the Intersection of Ridge & Dempster.  One of the Members of Beth Emet, Jeff introduced her to me and the lively conversation that followed indeed is FOOD FOR FODDER as well as Inspiration for us all, as well as realizing that we all have blessings that should be counted on a day-by-day basis.

As part of Northwestern’s Hillel, Challah for Hunger  (known as:  CfH)  has been in existence  at the Evanstonian Campus for four (4) years – baking bread – loaves  - of this well-known, loved, traditional and delicious Jewish Bread called:


For an historical overview of Challah, just check out Wikipedia*. 

Plain, Chocolate Chip and Cinnamon Sugar are the primary Flavors currently baked. Pumpkin Spice is especially popular during Autumn Harvest Time.  On their Line-up (to add a colorful and festive flair) are their Sprinkles and Pretzel Challahs.  All mouth-watering down to the last crumb.

A board of six bakers head their weekly volunteers who number as many as 30 people who know that involvement and volunteering in a grassroots movement like this can only better all concerned parties.  Thus, the term:  ‘Breaking Bread’ takes on a new meaning for their group.

As Kirby Barth stated on the CfH  FB page of:   Today (June 6th, that is) is the last day to volunteer this year! If you want to make your own free challah next week, come volunteer today until 6! If you want to buy challah fresh out of the ovens, come at 6pm to buy a challah! :)

As the School Year begins again in the late Summer of 2013, their Goal (of course – no pun intended) is to attain more Sales in the area.  I suggested they approach Spertus Museum and any Jewish Catering Group in the area.  I was pleased to hear that Loaves can be purchased online, 24/7. 


The Philanthropy News Digest  at  and the Official website tell us and I will cite their Clause that: 

Challah for Hunger (CfH) brings together volunteers to bake and sell challah bread, raising money and awareness for social justice causes. Established with a single chapter at Scripps College in 2004, the network has grown organically to nearly 60 chapters, mostly based on college campuses throughout the U.S. In the 2011-­2012 school year, the chapters baked more than 40,000 loaves of challah, raising and donating more than $115,000.’

CfH chapters are supported by a small team of full-­ and part­-time staff and volunteers, especially the chapter advisors. Chapter advisors are experienced alumni who are trained to be the main point-­of­-contact between the network and the individual chapters. Each advisor works with 1­-5 chapters.”

Today, their Numbers add up to an entire new Dimension on how to Fight Hunger:

Spring 2013 ChallahCount: 

5,819 challah loaves eaten = $21,845 donated

Lifetime CfH = $449,989

As Challah for Hunger grows because “The Knead is there” (and you can quote/unquote me on that one),  more and more civic, culinary, religious and familial groups (for starters) will be subscribing to their Program.  After all, as many of us know who have studied the Plague of Homelessness not only in America, but abroad, a person cannot or will not operate correctly and for the best interest of his or her well-being if not properly fed and where nutrition has to play that roll.

The Irony of it all is that so many people are overweight while so many others are starving.  Coming up with a new Way to alleviate and/or fight Hunger was what the Students at Hillel Northwestern did and the way I see it, they are destined for success.

Breaking Bread, one Loaf at a time, while feeding others is commendable and innovative. It's Biblical.  It's humane. It's the thing-to-do. It's righteous and now we're seeing that the Concept is working.

If we all BAN TOGETHER FOR THE BAKING OF THE BREAD,  Challah for Hunger will succeed in  their Goals.  And, that’s quite easy to do by Social Media Networking with them via Facebook & Twitter. for Hunger Northwestern University

Just remember that HUNGER and STARVATION are horrific Global Problems that capture the headlines year-in and year-out.  Hunger stymies the physical and spiritual souls of each of us, no matter what religious faith (if any) we may follow. 

For  many of our neighbors who live on the Fringe (in our own communities and on our very blocks) – on the Edge – it’s a daily occurrence.  You can help make that difference by supporting CHALLAH FOR HUNGER today.  As their Motto reads:  BAKE. EAT. SAVE LIVES. REPEAT.

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